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Three Reminders for Your Next Manufacturing Tradeshow

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Condit’s Chicago office specializes in heavy industries, packaging, logistics, and manufacturing tradeshows like PACK Expo, FABTECH, NPE, IPPE, INTERPHEX, and IMTS. Our Midwestern exhibit team provided these three quick reminders to help you stay on top of your next manufacturing tradeshow!


Check Your Tradeshow Schedule

Some manufacturing tradeshows happen annually, some biennially (every other year), and others every two or three years. For example, IMTS is held every other year, while CONEXPO-CON/AGG is held every three years. Often, shows that do not occur every year have a series of smaller, regional events that take place during the “off years.” Knowing the schedules of the “main event” and other subsidiary conferences will help ensure the appropriate deadlines are met and will keep your exhibit checklist timely and organized.

And don’t forget the labor schedule! Coordinating and confirming machine rigging, electricians, and plumbers with the show general contractor in advance and on show-site will ensure a smooth experience prior to your event. Condit walks their clients through all of the requirements for an integrated design and build, down to the very last detail.


Plan Your Exhibit Booth Layout

Footprint is a crucial consideration for heavy manufacturing and industrial exhibitors. Showcasing large machines and complex industrial processes requires planning and vision. Whether you’ve reserved a 10×10 or a mega-booth, focus on bringing equipment that is representative of capabilities and capacity while allowing enough space to view from the best angles. Shipping costs, and complicated electrical, air and plumbing requirements are also important considerations. Our design team is focused on making the most impact with the space you’ve reserved, whether it’s an extra large or a small exhibit footprint.

And when building a larger exhibit, it’s possible to utilize modular components that can be used at smaller shows, too!

Decide on Your Tradeshow Objectives

Setting goals and determining the actions to achieve them is an essential part of exhibiting at any expo or conference.

Here are some ideas to begin a conversation about event marketing targets at your next manufacturing tradeshow:

  • Pre-Show Outreach – What will you do to let prospects, clients, and other attendees know you are exhibiting at the show? Will personalized invitations be offered by sales team members and account executives?
  • Marketing -What types of marketing messaging will you disseminate before and after the event?
  • Sponsorship – Will you pursue any sponsorship opportunities?
  • Partnerships – Do you have distributors or partners whose presence should also be highlighted?
  • Show Messaging – Where and when will your brand or organization name be mentioned during the show? And how can you optimize this exposure?
  • In-Person Meetings – What meetings will be held? For example, will you sit down and discuss near- and long-term plans for equipment with clients and prospects? Make introductions for booth visitors to your company’s service director or president? Something else?
  • Lead Generation – How many qualified leads will you aim for each day?
  • Follow-Up – After the show, how are you qualifying and following up on those opportunities?


Lets Get Started on Your Next Manufacturing Tradeshow Exhibit

With in-house design, fabrication, and construction, Condit is a thorough and dependable exhibit building partner with direct, hands-on experience in manufacturing. Condit has been building exhibits for heavy industries shows for more than seven decades.

We’ve built indoor and outdoor, big and small, complex and simple exhibits. With unparalleled access to facilities like the Las Vegas Convention Center, McCormick Place, and the Colorado Convention Center, we’re ready to get to work!

Contact us today or start a manufacturing exhibit project online.

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