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Double Deck Trade Show Exhibits

What is a Double Deck Exhibit?


A double deck exhibit is a two-story booth used at a trade show, expo or other event. The second level is typically accessible by stairs and can be open-air or enclosed depending on functional and aesthetic requirements.

Below you’ll find some examples of double deck trade show exhibits as well as best practices for implementing this type of design for your next event.


The Benefits of a Double Deck Exhibit


There are several benefits of investing in renting or custom-building a double deck exhibit:


  • More room

Greater square footage comes with greater possibilities! A demo/presentation room, a VIP lounge, a meeting space and more could be housed on the top level of a double deck.


  • Increased real estate

More surface area means more opportunities for marketing and brand messaging from logos to vector illustrations to glossy imagery walls.


  • Greater visibility

Double deck booths tend to be convention landmarks as well as brand status symbols. The large footprint and the increased height make for an impressive entrance and a truly standout exhibit.


  • Additional storage

A deck often comes equipped with built-in storage under the stairs – eliminating the need for a dedicated storage closet or additional storage cabinets.


  • Privacy as needed

Open-air, private or semi-private decks are all possible. Whether you want to hide something from the general public (or your competition!) or you’d like to shout it from your literal rooftop, a double deck exhibit can accommodate!


Double Deck Exhibit Limitations


Double deck exhibits also have a number of considerations and constraints:


  • Advanced Planning

At most shows, the increased height of the double deck exhibit requires sign off from an engineer, a fire marshal, and the event management team. This is very important if your design includes a hanging sign.


  • Higher Cost

You can expect a bigger price tag for drayage due to the double deck’s larger weight and increased size. Additional labor is also required to construct the deck, usually taking at least one entire day for installation. But before you baulk on budget, know that in many cases, it may be less expensive to build a double deck (either to rent or own) than a larger booth when examining cost per square foot.


  • Accessibility

As noted above, the double deck booth includes a flight (12) or fewer stairs, and the ground floor must be completely accessible to adhere to ADA compliance regulations.


  • Renting

Though our custom-built-to-purchase double decks have much more flexibility and allow for more creativity, you can also rent a double deck exhibit! And when renting, there are several standard configurations that include a meeting room and storage closet on the ground floor and one large meeting room on the second floor. If you want learn more about this option, Condit has an extensive breakdown of its rental exhibits for tradeshows and events.


  • Floorplan

To build a double deck exhibit, the space needs to be at least 20×20 in an island or a peninsula layout.


Where Can I See a Double Deck Exhibit?


Double deck exhibits are everywhere! The only shows where double deck booths are not allowed are those held in hotel ballrooms due to the ceiling height restriction. They are most common at technology and medical trade shows, and they are especially prevalent at B2B events, where business is written, not just products and services being showcased.


The bigger the show and the more exhibitors, the more likely the event is to have double deck exhibits. Because space is at such a premium at larger shows, exhibitors may opt for a double deck as a more cost-effective option as opposed to greater single-story square footage. Some shows (such as the National Retail Federation) are not currently allowing exhibitors to increase their footprint because there is a such long wait list of prospective exhibitors waiting to get into the show. Sometimes, going higher is the only way to get more space!


Does a Double Deck Exhibit Make Sense for My Brand?


If you’re interested in creating a booth that makes a statement on the show floor, a double deck might be for you! Our custom design process  paired alongeside an extensive list of tradeshow design capabilities means we can craft a double deck exhibit that brings your brand to life in two-stories!


To learn more about double deck exhibits, contact us. Ready to build? Let’s start a double deck project.

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