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PACK EXPO brings the entire industry together as the event that “defines your position in packaged goods.”

Let’s collaborate on a custom manufacturing exhibit that will expertly communicate your business capabilities as well as your product and service offerings to prospective buyers and decision-makers. PACK EXPO, organized by PMMI, is North America’s largest packaging event with historically over 30,000 attendees and more than 2,500 exhibitors – all from over 40 different verticals, including food/beverage, chemical, cosmetics, pet products, pharmaceuticals and more!

Using our extensive experience building unique and effective trade show booths shows for manufacturing and heavy industries shows, like IMTS, CONEXPO-CON/AGG, SupplySide West, and NPE, we’ll work with you to create an exhibit that gives your organization an inviting and engaging space for visitors to learn about your company. We’ll make sure it stands out in a crowded exhibit hall and helps your on-site team advertise, network, and exchange ideas with other packaging professionals from around the world.

All of our custom exhibits are designed to be effective for any size space, taking into account your specific needs, the particulars of PACK EXPO, and your target audience there. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind of our turnkey expertise — offering you support services from start to finish on any project.


“Thank you for all that the Condit team did to help us make the first post-Covid Pack Expo Show a success! We had a terrific-looking booth, and the set-up and take-down were so much easier with your team working with us. Condit was one step ahead of us on every task and handled every detail with kid gloves. We have signage that takes extra care to keep clean and white, and that was all done with expertise. Paperwork was handled professionally, and everything was done on time and in perfect condition. We are so happy to have Condit as a partner at our biggest show of the year. All the staff went above and beyond to make this easy for us to manage, and we had fun doing this and working with your group. Thanks again for all the support during this show and throughout the year leading up to this important part of our business. Condit is the best! The Standard-Knapp team looks forward to working with you again next year.”

Judith Smith, Director of Marketing and Customer Service, Standard-Knapp, Inc.


Preparing for PACK EXPO International 2024

PACK EXPO International 2024 will be held from November 3 through November 6 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Condit’s Midwest facility, located just outside Chicago, is perfectly positioned to offer design, fabrication, logistics and show services for PACK – including discounted shipping and storage for large machinery and heavy equipment.

Show organizers summarize the top 4 reasons to exhibit at PACK EXPO as: “

  1. Reach more prospects and clients in three efficient days than in a year of sales calls.
  2. Break into new markets by showcasing crossover applications and exposing your brand to attendees from 40+ industry verticals!
  3. Build relationships face-to-face and make powerful connections that lead to sales, because 78% of attendees participate in buying decisions.
  4. Strengthen your status as an industry leader, because everyone who’s anyone in packaging is here—from the world’s top companies to fast-growing startups.”

“Exhibiting at PACK EXPO is an essential part of maintaining a strong presence across all packaged goods industries.

  • 78% of attendees make or influence purchasing decisions
  • About half are CEOs, plant managers, GMs or senior management
  • 1 in 5 attendees identifies as an engineer
  • 47 of the top 50 food & beverage companies of 2019 are represented
  • 37 of the top 50 pharma companies in 2019 attend
  • 19 of the top 25 household and personal products companies in 2019 attend”


Preparing for PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2025

PACK EXPO Las Vegas will be held from September 29 through October at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Held every two years, PACK EXPO Las Vegas “brings together all packaged goods and life sciences industries for the most productive week of the year. This is where suppliers showcase their latest innovations and end users discover game-changing solutions to packaging and processing challenges.”

Condit’s dedicate warehouse and storage facility in Las Vegas will streamline your logistics for the show, including inbound and outbound heavy machinery and other equipment!


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Show Services


Design Services

PACK EXPO Custom Exhibit

Condit is dedicated to bringing creativity to life. Our philosophy is to “Design from the Inside Out”. Before we put pencil to paper our creative team takes the time to hear your challenges, the specific goals for your trade show exhibit, and your vision of where you want to take your business. We create and develop a one-of-a kind marketing environment that lets you stand out from the crowd and from your competitors. We build in the flexibility and scalability that allows you to project your image consistently across all platforms.

Choosing to invest in a custom exhibit means you’ll own a property that can be used over and over. It’s an environment entirely unique to your brand and your story – you have a say in every finish, material, and display componentry. Customization at this level makes for the ideal experience for your booth visitors and potential customs, we will make sure you shine on the show floor. Read more about our custom exhibits.


PACK EXPO Rental Exhibit

Condit offers unique options to accommodate the needs of every individual project that comes through the door. Whether we are implementing upgrades and improvements to your existing booth properties or designing a new booth for rental or purchase, our design process is extremely collaborative. We spend time with members of your team during this process so that the end result is a space that meets your specific needs.

Sometimes, the best option is an elaborate environment, custom built from top to bottom. Other times, it’s a modular rental experience, customized with branded graphics and other details to tie it to your brand with the ability to retool and repurpose as needed. Even still, a combination of the two, custom components and rental elements, can be the right fit. Learn more about renting an exhibit.

Whether PACK EXPO is your organization’s main event or just one of many, you can also choose our rental exhibit solutions —created to be repurposed and reconfigured as needed. Rental exhibits decrease cost and increase flexibility. With reduced maintenance and storage costs, a rental exhibit can help make your marketing budget go further. We still emphasize creativity in our rental offerings, customizing your display to exact specifications and providing you with all the service and attention to detail of our custom-built exhibits.



Condit has two fabrication facilities. Both utilize precision equipment and employ highly qualified craftsmen. Fabrication is based on construction drawings detailed in AutoCAD by our in-house draftsmen, then turned over to our shop, where we employ a multitude of manufacturing and construction disciplines, including wood, laminate, paint, metal, fabric, acrylic, and extruded aluminum. Our outstanding safety record and our commitment to sustainable business practices all reflect our forward-thinking company culture.

Show Services

Your dedicated show services team can submit paperwork by the discount ordering deadline, offer competitively priced options for transportation, select qualified and vetted show labor, and provide an exceptional onsite supervisor familiar with your property. Your onsite supervisor will oversee the installation of your trade show booth properties and be available throughout the show to assist with any issues that may arise. Our onsite supervisors are familiar with your specific booth properties and can make adjustments or repairs as needed from install through dismantle.

Storage & Maintenance

The majority of our clients’ trade show exhibits are stored in our temperature-controlled warehouses. Clients can access exhibit properties at any time. Once an exhibit has returned from a show or event, our team opens every crate/skid, and inspects the entire contents to generate a comprehensive Maintenance and Inspection Report and proceed with any necessary repairs for the next event.


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