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rental trade show exhibits

rent a trade show exhibit

A rental exhibit can reduce costs and increase flexibility. Our trade show rental solutions are made to be repurposed and reconfigured for many trade shows to come. You’ll also see reduced maintenance and storage costs, giving you way more bang for your marketing budget.


You don’t sacrifice much when opting for a rental trade show exhibit – with our emphasis on service and creativity, we will customize your display rental to your exact specifications and continue to provide you with the service of a custom built exhibit.


If you know you’ll be exhibiting at fewer than three shows per year, renting is probably the right call. Does your brand change up for your different shows based on the audience? Then yep, renting a trade show booth is a good fit. Is your company expecting a large brand change or size shift soon? Renting a booth for now is a great route to go during company transition times. Is your booth size apt to change from show to show? This is another great reason to rent because all our componentry is scalable and reconfigurable for varying layouts and dimensions. Know The graphic finishes on your rental exhibit will always be custom, as your unique brand and messaging is how you’ll remain recognized on the show floor.


Our rental exhibit designs span multiple industries. See below for recent client examples and head to our portfolio page to view the full range of our rental projects.

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Our exhibits attract attention. Let’s work together to make you the talk of the show.