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what are rental trade show booths?

A rental trade show booth is the exact same solution as a custom trade show booth — except you’ll be taking advantage of new or existing inventory that we own and maintain! Just like our custom projects, you’ll get dedicated, one-on-one collaboration with our design team to find the perfect look, feel, and function for your exhibit. Once your vision is complete, Condit’s expert fabricators will get to work on making it a reality, culminating in a detailed set-up and preview live in our facility. With the full support of Condit’s project managers and show floor supervisors, your show is sure to be a success. At the close of your project, we’ll unpack and store your booth components within our general rental inventory, allowing for easy access at a later date or the opportunity to go in a completely different direction for your next conference, expo, or other event.


why rent a trade show booth?

Rental exhibits are designed to offer our customers a wide range of options. Whether attending a show for the first time or simply looking to make a great impression at a reasonable cost, these exhibits provide a high-quality presentation that exceeds show-site offerings. And we can tailor them as you see fit, with branding, graphics, furniture, and other custom features.


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rental exhibit samples

We’ve designed rental exhibits for every size booth space and for every industry imaginable. From large, multi-national brands to brand new startup ventures, we’ve done it all!

Head to our portfolio page to view the full range of our rental projects or take a look at our rental exhibit case study to learn more about tech brand Wowza’s rental exhibit success both domestically and internationally.


what to consider when renting exhibits


1. calendar of events
2. trade show experience
3. out-of-box exhibit experience
4. budget


5. brand consistency
6. space sizing variety
7. custom preferences



1. Calendar of Events

If you know you’ll be exhibiting at fewer than three shows per year, renting is probably the right call.

2. trade show experience

If you’ve never exhibited or have only attended one or two events as an organization, renting is a useful option both to better flush out your needs and preferences in a booth and to ensure that trade show marketing is a solid solution for your business.

3. Out-of-Box Exhibit Experience

If you’ve previously utilized banners, pop-ups and smaller, portable components, renting is the perfect bridge between them and your own custom-built project.

4. Budget

In general, opting to rent a trade show booth can reduce costs and increase flexibility. You’ll see reduced maintenance and storage costs, giving you way more bang for your marketing budget.

5. Brand Consistency

Does your brand change up for your different shows based on the audience? Then renting a trade show booth is a good fit. Renting is also a wise route if you’re planning a brand refresh or other aesthetic shift in the near future.

6. Space Sizing Variety

Does your booth size change from show to show? This is another great reason to rent because our rentable booth elements are all reconfigurable for varying layouts and dimensions. Plus, our trade show rental solutions are made to be repurposed and reconfigured for many trade shows to come.

7. Custom Preferences

You don’t sacrifice much when opting for a rental trade show exhibit – with our emphasis on service and creativity, we will customize your display rental to your exact specifications and continue to provide you with the service of a custom-built exhibit.


what to expect with your rental project

Condit offers unique options to accommodate the needs of every individual project that comes through the door. Sometimes, the best option is an elaborate environment, custom built from top to bottom. Other times, it’s a modular rental experience, customized with branded graphics and other details to tie it to your brand with the ability to retool and repurpose as needed. Even still, a combination of the two, custom components and rental elements, can be the right fit. So, where to begin?


1. discover
2. design
3. estimate
4. refine



5. layout
6. production
7. show-site support
8. storage


1. discover

This phase consists of the initial touchpoint and an introductory phone call. The main goal of the discovery phase is information gathering to move forward with the project.

Questions include:

  • What is your current booth size?
  • What is the name/date/location of your next event?
  • Do you have a specific new design idea in mind?
  • Do you prefer purchase (multiple uses) or rental (one-time use)?
  • What are the functional requirements of the new booth space (product display, demo, storage, reception, sampling, etc)?
  • What is your budget?
  • Is it important for the booth to be installed by members of your team? Or a professional labor crew?
  • Do you need help with show services (shipping, labor to install/dismantle, drayage, electrical, etc)?

2. design

At Condit, before we put pencil to paper, our creative team takes the time to hear your challenges, goals, and vision of where you want to take your brand. We work with you to understand the best way to translate your look, feel, and message into multiple dimensions.

  • Design the initial concept and basic layout
  • Review and revise with clients
  • Complete edits based on feedback and present final version

3. estimate

Our dedicated estimating team is intimately familiar with all materials used by our in-house fabrication team. They also regularly import samples of the latest and greatest exhibit materials, forming relationships with suppliers and maintaining extensive knowledge on component and installation costs. Plus, we’re constantly updating and upgrading our existing rental inventory with pieces that just might be the perfect fit for your brand experience!

4. refine

In this stage, we work with you to hammer out the little details that will get us to your final deliverable. This varies widely from client to client – some may be interested in reducing the budget, others may be looking to explore more sustainable materials, for example. At the end of this process, a formal contract will be presented.

5. layout

This portion of the work is undertaken in tandem by your dedicated project manager and our engineering department.

The project manager handles:

  • internal turnovers between departments
  • budgeting
  • ordering of materials and raw goods

The engineering department completes:

  • CAD drawings
  • detailed graphic templates
  • CNC programming

6. production

Everything we produce and assemble is built to last and is done with your budget in mind. In our build process, we employ a multitude of construction disciplines and quality, sustainable materials including wood, laminate, paint, metal, fabric, acrylic, and extruded aluminum. Our outstanding safety record and our commitment to sustainable business practices all reflect our forward-thinking company culture.

7. show-site support

Just because your rental exhibit leaves our warehouse doesn’t mean our job is complete. We take great pride in how we manage our exhibit properties. Whether you go to one event per year, or have a complex exhibiting program, our goal is to make life easier for you and to treat your budget like it’s our own.

We assign a dedicated site team to every project. That team will submit paperwork by the discount ordering deadline, offer competitively priced transportation, get you qualified and vetted show labor and an exceptional event-site supervisor familiar with your exhibit.

Condit will coordinate and oversee a vetted labor crew for the installation and dismantle of your exhibit. We can also provide skilled, qualified work for assistance of rigging, electrical, cleaning, material handling, internet, furniture rental, accessible storage, security, etc. In many cases, a Condit supervisor familiar with the exhibit will travel on-site to oversee and direct the crew.

8. storage

Rental exhibits are stored in one of our temperature-controlled warehouses. Once a rental exhibit has returned from a show or event, our team opens every crate/skid, and inspects the entire contents against the master inventory. After inspection, necessary repairs are made.

Want to access your rental exhibit again? We’ll clean and re-pack the exhibit components in our handmade, custom crates. Our storage facilities are under the same roof as our manufacturing shop and administrative offices, so these properties are safe and easily accessible.

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