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Customizable Temporary Event Structures for Rent

Take your event marketing plan to the next level. When you need to create a temporary event space that’s more than just ordinary, Condit delivers temporary structures that provide unique functionality and creativity. We combine our in-house design, fabrication, and planning capabilities to provide a memorable experience for your event attendees with the ease and affordability of renting.


Pre-Built Temporary Structures


Our temporary structures are modular with a number of configurations to fit your project needs. Our rental kit systems can be built in shapes from squares and rectangles with solid or glass paneling. An in-house 3D design team will fully render your vision down to the last detail. Our size and style options combined with economical practicality make these structures a popular and flexible space solution, including as outdoor installations at tradeshows and other events.  Visually stunning and functionally adaptable, our premium structures provide the optimum fit when good visibility is of prime importance. These designs set the standard in the world of global events and hospitality.


Quality Materials and Customizable Add-Ons


Our temporary event structures are crafted from the highest quality steel, aluminum, and glass. Beams and outward-facing metal components are finished in a tasteful and versatile slate gray. Our interior finish options include carpeting, laminate flooring, ceiling treatments, lighting, sunshades, wall graphics, furniture, and other branding accents. Add-ons range from rooftop branding and custom valance to environmental comfort and HVAC.


Event Structure Design and Show Services


Design innovation in temporary structures continues to evolve beyond the typical tent. We aim to elevate your event presence by offering one of the most advanced and aesthetically appealing temporary event structures on the market. The support Condit offers our clients exceeds that of providing a structure alone.

Clients collaborate with our designers and fabricators to create one-of-a-kind custom interiors for each specific structure project. Flooring, ceiling treatments, lighting, and branding can all be tailored to uphold and promote your company’s identity and give your guests an extraordinary experience. Our team can assist with interior planning, custom fabrication, graphic design, and vendor coordination. We bring a remarkable building and make it an unforgettable space.

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Shipping & Labor
  • Add-Ons



Event Structure Rental for Outdoor Tradeshows


Amplify your presence at your next trade show or industry event with a rented temporary structure. Whether utilizing as your outdoor booth space or a separate VIP lounge, hospitality spot, promotional or selling area, your structure is sure to be a destination at the show. Our modular event structures can be used outdoors with even greater flexibility and brand visibility for outdoor-specific tradeshows. Our durable, high-quality materials can withstand inclement weather, including wind and rain. As a leading provider of event activations and trade show exhibits, Condit has provided  temporary event structures for events like CES, Outdoor Retailer, and World of Concrete. We’re experts in branded spaces, and we’re ready to impress you. View our project portfolio.


Comparing Our Pre-Built Temporary Structures to Custom Tradeshow Exhibits


Considering renting a premium outdoor structure for your next tradeshow or industry event instead of (or in addition to) a booth or exhibit? Each solution from Condit can service different event marketing needs for your brand or business, but either project will always include:

  • A custom marketing environment
  • Limitless branding opportunities
  • Full service from design and fabrication through shipping and installation
  • High-quality materials and finishes
  • Expert engineering
  • Guaranteed visitor engagement
  • Improved lead generation


Our structures are ideal for expos, conventions, and other events with dedicated open-air sections for visitors. They also include:

  • Increased visibility
  • Outdoor use
  • Pre-built, modular format 
  • Expansive hospitality space
  •  Site services
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Whether an event structure, an exhibit, or both, what Condit will provide for you is a tailored, comprehensive menu of services to get your job done thoroughly and seamlessly. And with more than 75 years in business, Condit is a partner you can trust.

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