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custom temporary event structures

Take your event marketing plan to the next level. When you need to create a temporary event space that’s more than just ordinary, Condit delivers temporary structures that provide unique functionality and creativity. We combine our in-house design, fabrication and planning capabilities to provide a unique experience for your event attendees.

Learn how to get started with your next temporary structure, and see more structure designs below.

Condit Temporary Structure for the Final Four
America's Cup Temporary Structure
COndit premium structure for ESPN
Xfinity Think Tank Glass Box
Red Audi at Ski Championship

premium structures

Visually stunning and functionally versatile, our premium structures provide the optimum solution where good visibility is of prime importance. These designs set the standard in the world of global events and hospitality.

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Red Temporary Tent Structure
Kaiser Permanente station at Super Bowl City

contemporary structures

Vast size and style configurations combined with economical practicality make these structures a popular, multi-functional space solution for events.

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Temporary Structures
Custom Finishes Balcony
Temporary structure at the NCAA Final Four by Condit
Super bowl city premium structure interior
ESPN premium temporary structure interior

custom design finishes

Clients collaborate with our designers and fabricators to create one-of-a-kind custom interiors for each specific structure project. Flooring, ceilings, service areas and branding can all be tailored to uphold your company's identity and give your guests a extraordinary experience.

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temporary event structure design and services

Our structure system is modular and can range in shapes from squares and rectangles to L-shapes. The design can include open decking, covered balconies, multi-stories and solid or glass paneling. Our in-house 3D design team renders your structure configuration. Once finalized the designs go to engineering where MEP drawings are created.

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  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Shipping & Labor
  • Add-Ons
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temporary design concepts

To help you visually understand the breadth of customization and application of our temporary structures, we’ve complied a portfolio of design concepts to help get your gears turning.

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