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Smaller Tradeshow Booths: Make the Most of a 10×10 and 10×20 Footprint

10×10 and 10×20 Tradeshow Booths Explained


Some of the most commonly assigned booth sizes on the tradeshow floor are the 10×10 and 10×20 inline spaces. While there may only be a handful of anchor exhibitors at any given expo – your 40x40s, 50x50s and sometimes larger! – these smaller spots are the norm.


They line the aisles and walkways of the show with neighbors to at least two sides (the left, the right or the back) with shared pipe and drape walls separating them from similarly structured, corresponding rows. In less frequent instances, a 10×20 (200 square feet) might appear as a peninsula – jutting out with only one neighbor to the very back of the booth or as a standalone island exhibit.


Regardless of their orientation on the show floor, smaller booths afford most of the same creative options and branding opportunities – just slightly more compact.



When is a small exhibit (10×10, 10×20, etc.) best?


Lower Budget


Exhibit design, fabrication, shipping and, finally, storage are billed beginning with a square-footage estimate.  Then, when registering as an exhibitor, fees and costs are also assessed based on tradeshow footprint. A bigger booth drives up the costs not only for the initial crafting of your exhibit but also for its construction and appearance at the show as well as its eventual shipping and storage from show site. A 10×10 or a 10×20 can reduce build costs and associated expenses.


Small Products/Little Details


While there is no hard and fast rule for product size, a 10×10 or a 10×20 booth can help put smaller products at the forefront of the space. In addition, little details of the exhibit are often more easily observed and appreciated in closer quarters. A smaller booth can ensure more exhibitor control over the center of attention.


New Verticals/Markets


If your brand or organization is testing the waters by expanding to a new market via face-to-face marketing within that vertical, a 10×10 or a 10×20 could be the perfect fit! Investing heavily while still in the experimentation or research phase could prove unwise for your long-term planning and your annual marketing budget. A smaller booth appearance could be just the win (or the reality check) needed to make crucial decisions later.


Show History


A big booth may simply not be an option at many shows if you’re just starting out there. Without show history at that specific event, including past exhibition and sponsorship, you may be auto-assigned a 10×10 or a 10×20 as you build up points with the individual show or within the association’s system.


Condit’s 10×10 and 10×20 Tradeshow Success



Farmhouse Culture at NPEW


Fermented veggie connoisseurs Farmhouse Culture exhibited at Natural Products Expo West with a pair of stunning cross-aisle 10×20 booths. Rental backwalls were enhanced with wooden paneling, faux concrete, and high-resolution graphics. Bistro lighting, real birch accents and paneled pseudo-windows made for a chic, rustic aesthetic sure to stop visitors on either side of the aisle.

Zillow at the Grace Hopper Conference


Settle in! Digital real-estate marketplace Zillow showcased lovely backyard scenery complete with gray brick graphic (fake texturing) and a roofline silhouetted canopy. The 10×10 booth, exhibited at the Grace Hopper Conference, sat custom, buyout furniture and accessories on top of realistic turf.



Cancer Treatment Centers of America at ASCO


One of the most prestigious names in oncology, Cancer Treatment Centers of America exhibited with a professional and streamlined 10×20 booth at the American Society for Clinical Oncologists’ annual meeting. Opting for a more minimalist look typical of the medical field, CTCA stood out at ASCO with a custom canopy structure and stellar AV integration.



VictorOps at AWS: Reinvent


Though equipped with a higher-than-standard header (at a 10-foot clearance), VictorOps, a DevOps software provider now owned by Splunk, rocked Amazon Web Services: Reinvent conference with this clean, bold 10×20 exhibit. Branded in their signature colors, the booth also housed a vibrant and engaging lightbox and multiple demo kiosks.



Alter Eco at NPEW


Easily Condit’s most popular show, Condit has dozens of clients at Expo West but still guarantees through their collaborative design process that creative elements for every single exhibit are as fresh and unique as the products they are promoting. This includes an elaborate booth 10×20 booth rebrand for Alter Eco, a chocolate confectioner, that featured soft, textured material and a homey, comfortable vibe.


Condit Creates Value for Any Size Exhibit Space

Condit Exhibits can make your 10x10, 10x20 or other small booth space really shine. With extensive options for booth components, like rental exhibits, custom-built trade show booths, or portable solutions, you can be sure we’ll help find the right choice for your brand and your budget. Size doesn’t matter - all exhibits come with Condit-standard quality of manufacturing, attentiveness to detail, and response custom service from start to finish – and beyond.

Make the Most of Your 10x10 or 10x20 Exhibit!

Our Denver Showroom is open for visits to help you coordinate space-planning as well as visual and tactile cues – and we’ll guide you in pairing great graphics and bold colors with optimum dimensioning and placement. We’re more than an exhibit house, offering education and support throughout the entire process. And we have a history of growing clients from first-evers to tradeshow pros.

Have a solid concept or an idea? Let’s start a project. For more general questions about Condit and our design process, contact us.

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