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With our substantial history in the exhibiting and events marketing world, we likely have experience in your industry. This means we’ll not only collaborate on your exhibit design but we’ll also advise you on the ins and outs of your unique industry show requirements.

Our extensive experience in various industries also means we know your competition. We will differentiate your look and maximize your exposure. We have the majority of our experience in the following fields, but since we’re always up for a challenge, do reach out even if you don’t fit nicely into one of these boxes.

Oncology Exhibit
Hanging Blue Exhibit
Hanging Health Exhibit
Terumbo Health Exhibit
Sandhill Health Exhibit

healthcare + medical

Healthcare and medical trade shows are very involved, there’s an ocean of regulations to navigate! We’ll help you chart those waters and design your exhibit with attention to show rule details and sensitivity to your proprietary products.

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Open Sphero Booth
PureStorage Technology Exhibit
Speck custom exhibit
Custom exhibit for the technology industry
Phone Technology Booth

technology + electronics

We understand you must be cutting edge or you’ll be cut from the pack. Our designers love exercising their creative skills when it comes to designing tech and electronics trade show exhibits. We’re at the forefront of materials and finishes so that you stand in the foreground of your customers.

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Condit Yeti Exhibit Booth
Camelbak Exhibit
Sporting Gear Exhibit
Smartwool Exhibit
Hyundai Booth

sporting + outdoor goods

It’s inherent that we work with outdoor gear and apparel companies. As a Colorado company with employees who play hard, we love the opportunity to work with sporting and lifestyle brands. Our pre-built event spaces are also an ideal solution for creating temporary venue extensions, hospitality, and VIP areas at major sporting events and outdoor trade shows.

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Yellow Tomato Booth
Chipotle Exhibit
Perfect Bar Wood Exhibit
Mary's Gone Crackers Booth Front
WhiteWave Food Truck
Bissinger's Food Exhibit

food + beverage

If you’ve been to any major food trade shows then you’ve probably heard our name. We’ve gained the most referrals in this sector and we continue to work with some of the top brands in food.

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AVT exhibit at Cannex
Stolle Exhibit at Cannex
American Augers Exhibit at ConExpo
Matsuura's manufacturing booth
Starrag Manufacturing Exhibit
Diamond Blade Warehouse's manufacturing exhibit

manufacturing + heavy industries

Our goal is to help you look credible and grounded at a manufacturing or heavy industries trade show while still highlighting your innovation. You and your booth visitors can still have fun in what is a very serious business - let us show you how. We enjoy the challenge of finding the right balance for your firm.

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