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Your Brand in Three Dimensions

Condit is dedicated to bringing the creative storytelling of your business into three dimensions. Our basic philosophy is to “Design from the Inside Out.” Before we put pencil to paper on any corporate interiors project, our creative team takes the time to hear your vision, the specific goals of your office, waiting room or other environment as well as your challenges. We work in tandem with you to develop your space, inspiring our designers to bring your story to life.

We are well-versed in extending our clients’ brands. Semi permanent and permanent corporate installations are spaces with which employees, partners, clients and visitors can all engage. Corporate installations help define an environment and speak to the company culture, values and aesthetic. These are visual and tactile extensions of your corporate ethos.

Collaborative Creatives

We are best known for our collaborative approach. No corporate interiors project leaves our doors without input and precise deliberation from both parties on all facets of the project. We want to make it right, showcase your brand correctly and execute your company vision to its highest potential.

Superior Craftsmanship

At Condit, quality is never an accident; it is always the result of sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. When your project goes to production, you’re getting the best craftsmen in the industry – from our expert metal fabricator and finisher who each have over 20 years of experience, just to name a few.

Condit has two large manufacturing facilities, one in Denver and one in Chicago, run by highly qualified craftspeople utilizing precision fabrication equipment. Our fabrication is based on construction drawings detailed in AutoCAD by our in-house drafters, then turned over to our shop where we employ a multitude of construction disciplines including wood, laminate, paint, metal, fabric, acrylic, and extruded aluminum. Our outstanding safety record, and our commitment to sustainable business practices all reflect our forward-thinking company culture.

Expert Installation

Our installation team is comprised of dedicated, full-time staff, including your designated project manager, the craftspeople who have constructed your project, and an installation expert. This team will ensure all components are installed to your satisfaction, fully functional and ready for use. They have experience working in corporate environments and understand not only the unique requirements of your project, but also the expectation for a product of exceptional quality with a high level of finish. Our installation team has the skill, tools and materials to accomplish the job.

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