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How To Build A Successful Technology Exhibit

5 Recommendations for Your Next Technology Exhibit


Condit’s client base in the technology sector continues to expand with more and more exhibitors at shows like CES, AWS re:Invent, VMworld/VMware Explore, KubeCon, BlackHat, and RSAC.

And our experts have five straightforward suggestions for your next technology exhibit:


1. Keep it interactive

Find creative interactives for your booth. Since technology isn’t always directly tangible, engaging and demonstrative elements are a surefire way to grab attention, encourage participation, and foster human connection inside your exhibit.


Don’t Forget Integrated Technology Opportunities

Smart uses of interactive exhibit technology have proven to help our clients engage their audiences at trade shows and events, which means more time customers interact with your booth, products, and you. Some tradeshow technology basics might include enhanced lighting, audio/visual functionality, seamless lead-tracking tools, interactive touchscreens, and charging stations. More advanced booth technology options could feature gamification, directional sound, projection mapping, and social media integration. The possibilities for integrated technology are endless!


2. Consider a booth theme

Don’t be shy about a themed booth! Themes are often trendy and fun – and always memorable! We’ve successfully executed themes, like Transformers and Star Wars, that provide eye-catching photo ops, increased foot traffic, and an enjoyable experience for tradeshow guests and event staffers alike!


Leverage Tradeshow Themes & Other Industries

Your technology tradeshow will often have a theme or universal slogan issued by the event organizer. And as part of our custom design process, we can help incorporate your brand into this theme and help better tailor your messaging for a specific show or event. While not always technology-related, exhibits from other industries are another great source of cross-pollination and custom theme inspiration too!


3. Spend on swag

Tech show attendees are big on swag. If you are planning to give away apparel, gadgets, or other souvenirs, be mindful of how much room they occupy in your booth, what storage you might need, and how to strategically hand these items out.


4. Maintain flexibility with modular

Modular booth assets keep your tradeshow and event marketing program flexible for a greater variety of exhibit footprints while delivering a consistent message. We offer a host of different modular and portable exhibit options to allow you to fit some of the most common event space constraints and assembly/disassembly requirements.


5. Exhibit globally – intelligently

Many technology tradeshows have a North American event as well as an Asian or European event. Condit has a strong network of international build partners who can take your US booth and flawlessly replicate or recreate it for shows overseas.


Ready to get started on your technology booth?

Let’s collaborate on an immersive and engaging exhibit for your technology brand! Contact us today or start a project online.


Test Your Technology Exhibit Before Committing

Still not clear on a good look and feel for your next technology exhibit? Customize a rental exhibit and take your idea for a spin. Our team of experts can help ease you into the build process so you can focus on tradeshow engagement first and foremost!

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