Condit Exhibits Design Team

Consumer Electronics Show: Epic Exhibits to Make a Bold Statement

CES Attendees Look for Innovative Tech and Impressive Presentation

Set the stage and let’s collaborate and create a groundbreaking custom exhibit sure to get attention at one of the most talked-about trade shows in the world. Attendees at CES are interested in the year’s trendiest and most promising consumer technologies, so you’ll want to set yourself apart. Work with Condit’s team of expert trade show booth designers to craft a custom exhibit like no other.

We’ll work with you to create a custom exhibit that gives your organization a uniquely effective and memorable space for trade show visitors to learn about you, your products, and your services. We’ll make sure it’s distinct in a jam-packed exhibit hall and builds on your strong brand – whether you’re making a big breakthrough into the space or an established tech giant.

All of our custom exhibits are designed to be effective and efficient for any size space, taking into account your unique needs, the particulars of the Consumer Electronics Show, and your target audience there. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind of our turnkey expertise—offering you support services behind every custom design from concepting through shipping, storage, and maintenance.

Preparing for CES 2024

The premier electronics tradeshow for over 50 years, CES will be held from January 9th through January 12th in Las Vegas.

Rental exhibits reduce costs and increase flexibility.

Not ready to commit? Whether CES is your organization’s only event or just first of many on the schedule, you can also choose our rental exhibit solutions —created to be repurposed and reconfigured as needed. With reduced maintenance and storage costs, a rental exhibit can help make your marketing budget go further. We still emphasize creativity in our rental offerings, customizing your display to exact specifications and providing you with all the service and attention to detail of our custom-built exhibits. Look at how well rental solutions have worked for our tech client, Wowza Media Systems.


Custom CES Exhibit Designers

Have a solid concept or an idea for your booth? Our experienced designers are experts innovating for the Consumer Electronics Show. Let’s start a CES project today or contact us for more general questions about our company and design process.