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Smart uses of exhibit technology have proven to help our clients engage their audiences at trade shows and events, which means more time customers interact with your booth, products and you. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about technology integration in your next trade show booth or event exhibit.


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your trade show exhibit. We consider general lighting as well as product and graphics lighting in the early stages of your booth design. For its energy efficiency and dynamic applications, we almost exclusively integrate LED lighting into all exhibits. LED is cool to the touch, can be color-changing and is a more fully ambient light source.


Your audio/visual additions set the tone for your experiential exhibit space. Although an investment, integrating audio and/or video technology provides an elevated experience for your visitors. With a little creativity you can find endless and novel ways to express your brand messaging and imagery. If this integration is important to your overall exhibiting goals, let's discuss this early on so we take the time to develop rich, brand-focused content.

Lead Tracking

Lead tracking technology is ubiquitous and a must at trade shows, conferences, and events. This simple technology lets you keep the conversation going well after the show closes. However, instead of merely zapping everyone's badge as they enter your booth, open up a conversation first so you can note your visitors' specific needs. You can also try lead tracking to amplify your social media stats. When your social media strategy is folded into your booth design, your lead capturing will feel less gimmicky to event attendees. Promote a giveaway or contest at your booth through Twitter and Instagram, and always include the show hashtag.

Interactive Touchscreen

We love our smart phones for a reason - they deliver dynamic content with intuitive tactility. Interactive touchscreens are made to resemble large-scale tablets or smart phones and are a great way to promote engagement in your exhibit. They can be used for individualized demonstrations or interactive content delivery . Plus, these devices allow for multiple users and can be activated with different objects or even heat or movement!

Charging Stations

If they need to charge up, they're going to be in your booth for some time. A win win! Add to that the ability to brand your charging station or table and you have one more chance to display your messaging.

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