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VMware Explore: Build an Inspiring Exhibit to Showcase your Technology Brand

VMworld is now VMware Explore

Formerly known as VMworld, VMware has rebranded its in-person event to VMware Explore.

The show organizers said of the name change,

“VMware is a company that thrives on profound reinvention. With a hyper-focus on customer innovation, we’re defining a new market category—with apps and multi-cloud at the center of everything we do. This transformation communicates that we are a strategic leader in multi-cloud, shaping its future, from public to private to edge. To help effectively express that, we need to revolutionize the VMworld experience as the center of the multi-cloud universe—VMware Explore.”

VMware Explore attendees will be looking for the latest advancements in software, digital infrastructure, and technology.

Let’s collaborate and create a groundbreaking custom technology exhibit sure to get attention. Attendees at VMware Explore are the leading-edge thinkers in IT, software and digital business, so you want to make sure your exhibit space is as forward-thinking as they are. Work with Condit’s team of expert trade show booth designers to craft a custom exhibit that stands out in a crowd.

We’ll work with you to create a custom tech exhibit that gives your organization a uniquely effective and memorable space for trade show visitors to learn about you, your products, and your services. We’ll make sure it’s distinct in a jam-packed exhibit hall and builds on your strong brand.

All of our custom exhibits are designed to be effective and efficient for any size space, taking into account your unique needs, the particulars of the VMware Explore convention, and your target audience there. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind of our turnkey expertise—offering you support services behind every custom design from ideation through completion.


Preparing for VMware Explore 2024

VMware Explore 2024 will be held in the US from August 21 through August 24, at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

If historical attendance is any indicator, exhibitors will have the opportunity to reach tens of thousands of attendees from more than 8,000 different companies and organizations interested in virtualization and cloud computing. Check out our technology exhibit portfolio to see some of the brands that have trusted us to help them shine in extremely competitive vertical markets.


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Design & Fabrication
Rental Exhibits
Storage & Maintenance


Design & Fabrication

Smart uses of exhibit technology have proven to help our clients engage their audiences at trade shows and events, which means more time customers interact with your booth, products, and you. Some tradeshow technology basics might include enhanced lighting, audio/visual functionality, seamless lead-tracking tools, interactive touchscreens, and charging stations. More advanced booth technology options could feature gamification, directional sound, projection mapping, and social media integration.

Implementing technology is a fantastic way to improve and elevate visitor interaction at your trade show booth.  Keep in mind that trade shows are your best opportunity for human communication and networking; it’s important to find the right balance between integrating booth technology with human connection. And Condit can help you achieve that balance in all phases of your exhibit design process.

Rental Exhibits for Tech Companies

Rental exhibits are designed to offer our customers a wide range of options. Our rental exhibits have brought our clients tremendous success at technology events like AWS re:Invent, RSAC, KubeCon, SuperComputing, and more. Whether attending a show for the first time or simply looking to make a great impression at a reasonable cost, these exhibits provide a high-quality presentation that exceeds show-site offerings. They can also offset the cost of more complex technology components.

We can tailor them as you see fit with branding, graphics, furniture, and other custom features. And we’ve designed rental exhibits for every size booth space and for every industry imaginable. From large, multi-national brands to new startup ventures, we’ve done it all!

Storage & Maintenance

We know technology components can be delicate, and our turnkey storage and maintenance team provides optimum care of your exhibit materials – from top to bottom. Upon receiving your custom exhibit or structure after VMware Explore, we take inventory of all parts, down to the last screw. Any damages are documented and reported to you. We then clean and re-pack your exhibit components in our handmade, custom crates. Our temperature-controlled storage facilities are under the same roof as our manufacturing shop and administrative offices in both Chicago and Denver, so your property is safe, secure, and easily accessible.

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