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Why Integrate Technology in your Trade Show Exhibit?

The answer is simple: to get your content consumed by your customers. Smart uses of exhibit technology have proven to help our clients engage their audiences at trade shows, which means more time customers interact with the booth, products, and you. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about technology integration in your next booth. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss these options and beyond, because the possibilities are infinite.


We’ve helped a number of customers leverage technology within both electronics-focused trade shows such as VMworld and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as well as within traditional industries such as food and beverage (IFT Expo), education (TCEA), and construction (CONEXPO-CON/AGG). No matter what your vertical, here are a few ideas to get you thinking about technology integration in your next trade show booth or event exhibit.



Technology can serve to spur interaction. If you choose a unique, engaging and fun game system for your trade show audience to interact with, you’re more likely to have your attendees walk away with a good feeling about your brand. A bonus would be to supply a game that also has an informational or educational component, that way users will gain more insight about your company.

Whether choosing a low-tech or high-tech, flashy or traditional approach when creating a game for your booth, just remember to choose something that will maximize your audience participation.


Directional Sound

Technology also has the power to grab people’s attention. Directional speaker systems are a subtle yet effective way to attract people into your space. This audio technology allows sound to flood a specific and contained area, while not disturbing others directly outside of its sound radius. Applications of this technology could be applied to an aisle-facing wall of your booth to grab the attention of passerby’s.

Directional sound can also be implemented effectively within a booth for specific demo stations. The isolated audio eliminates blaring noise throughout your booth, thus giving your audience a personalized, multimedia experience.


Projection Mapping

High-tech solutions like projection mapping, when used correctly, have the power to not only ‘wow’ but also inform. Projection mapping takes standard projection technology and applies it to any surface, 2D or 3D. Imagine a retail trade show booth that projects an entire line of clothing onto just one manikin, or an auto company displaying varying model features and colors onto one car.


Trade show projection mapping 

Social Media

By now we all know the value of implementing and sustaining a strong social media presence. However, the second part of that is the hardest. How does a business consistently amplify their follower numbers? A great solution is to add lead gathering via social media to your exhibiting agenda and even booth design. When your social media strategy is folded into your booth design, your lead capturing will feel less gimmicky and more compelling to the user. Promote a giveaway or contest at your booth through Twitter and Instagram, and always include the show hashtag. Or better yet, submit your visitors into a raffle after they’ve liked you page on Facebook via a touch screen station at your booth.

Your job isn’t over when the show ends, repurpose content from the trade show to keep your presence at the show front of the mind for your new followers.


The Takeaway

Implementing technology is a fantastic way to improve and elevate interaction at your trade show booth. Make sure the technology you use is a seamless tactic in the overall strategy of your exhibition plan. Also, keep in mind that trade shows are your best opportunity for human interaction and networking; it’s important to find the right balance between integrating booth technology with human connection.



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