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Condit Temporary Structures: Transparent Budgeting

About Condit Temporary Structures

Design innovation in custom temporary structures and temporary event spaces continues to evolve as technology advances beyond the typical tent. At Condit, we have over 75 years of global experience building and customizing exhibits and temporary structures, Condit combines our in-house design, fabrication, and planning capabilities to provide an all-inclusive experience. In other words, we cover all the details, not just the structure rental and construction.

Pre-Built Solutions

Our temporary structures are modular with a number of configurations to fit your project needs. Our size and style options combined with economical practicality make these structures a popular and flexible space solution, including as outdoor installations at tradeshows and other events.  Visually stunning and functionally adaptable, our premium structures provide the optimum fit when good visibility is of prime importance. These designs set the standard in the world of global events and hospitality.



In this article we’ll focus on your budget and the details you need to make informed decisions when selecting a structure partner.

How often have you gone to the grocery store and at the checkout counter the clerk looks in your basket and says, “that will be $109.55”?  Never, right? It’s absurd to think you wouldn’t go through the process of ringing up each item so you have a detailed breakdown for what you’re buying. It’s no different when you have an event and need a structure.

Have you ever wondered why a supplier gives you a single price that’s “all-inclusive?” It’s because they’ve padded the entire budget to cover costs and anything they screw up. That’s right, you pay when they make a mistake. Next time, try asking for a detailed breakdown for costs and you’ll likely be surprised at what you’re really paying for!

Below is a basic list you should expect to see on every project. Details, details details….

Technical Specs

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Permitting
    • Typically an estimated cost
  • ADA compliance
    • Ramps and to-code steps
  • Technical drawings
    • Drawings are needed in order to obtain a permit. Depending on the location of your event, some cities and states require more documentation than others.
  • Project management fee
    • Not everyone shows this charge, but every project requires it.


Structural Components

  • Structure rental or purchase price
    • Be certain to get details on exactly what is and is not included!
  • Leveling and anchoring costs
    • Some sites don’t need leveling, but others do. This has a significant impact on cost.
  • Shipping costs
    •  Transport costs will be based on distance, number of trucks, and truck availability.
  • Install and dismantle costs
    • This includes all supervisor pay and local labor rates.
  • Equipment rental for install and dismantle


Related Services

  • Flooring
  • Electrical
    • This includes the generator, fuel estimate, lighting and electrical, and the installation.
  • HVAC
    • Ducting and installation costs are the main focus here.
  • Restrooms
    • Cost should include (along with water, waste, and removal) one of these three options:
      • Custom build-out inside the structure
      • Portable trailers
      • Porta Potties
  • Dumpsters and trash recepticals (pre-, during, and post- event)


While this may seem like a lot of details, it’s easy to see how your “shopping cart” and that all-inclusive price could cost you a lot more than you think. At Condit, you will always be provided with an upfront, line-by-line bid for your events and structure needs.

So when selecting a partner to work with you on your next structure project be sure to keep these items in mind because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to know what they’re really paying for?

Have an event where a temporary structure might be the perfect solution to add square footage or to create a customized branding environment? Starting a project is as easy as a few clicks.


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