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Condit Temporary Structures: Custom Interiors – Branding

About Condit Temporary Structures

Design innovation in temporary structures and temporary event spaces continues to evolve as technology advances beyond the typical tent. At Condit we have over 75 years of global experience building and customizing temporary structures, Condit combines our in-house design, fabrication, and planning capabilities to provide an all-inclusive experience. In other words, we cover all the details, not just the basic rental and construction.

In this article we’ll be focusing on branding your temporary structure and the different customizations this integral component can take.

Branding equals visibility, which is the very reason for your presence at an event. You will work closely with our in- house graphics production team to choose materials and applications appropriate for both the interior and exterior of your structure.


Options for branding include:

Roof branding for Condit temporary structure Wall branding for event structure Custom just vinyl for temporary structurebranded valance for temporary sporting structure

  • Roof top branding
  • Printed graphics
  • Printed fabric graphics
  • Custom printed & solid color vinyl
  • Structure on rigid substrate
  • Cut vinyl lettering
  • Valance


To maximize your branding on a structure, let our expert design team guide you through all the ways you can make your brand identity bold, tasteful and remarkable.

Have an event where a temporary structure might be the perfect solution to add square footage or to create a customized branding environment? Starting a project is as easy as a few clicks.


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