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Condit Temporary Structures: How to Get Started

About Condit Temporary Structures

Design innovation in custom temporary structures and temporary event spaces continues to evolve as technology advances beyond the typical tent. At Condit we have over 75 years of global experience building and customizing exhibits and temporary structures, Condit combines our in-house design, fabrication, and planning capabilities to provide an all-inclusive experience. In other words, we cover all the details, not just the structure rental and construction.

In this article we’ll focus on the basic questions you should ask yourself to begin the process of selecting a structure partner and supplier.


When is my event?

The more time there is to plan the better the price and options that are available. When you plan in advance you have more control over costs, quality and custom details.

How much space do I need inside the structure?

This is typically based on how many people you expect at peak times.

Is your priority having a functional space or something with architectural flair?

A contemporary style (functional structure) will cost less than a premium structure (architectural glazing).

What will the interior build-out of the structure require?

Think lighting, HVAC, bathrooms, flooring, furniture and branding. What kind of space and feel are you trying to achieve?

Where is the site location?

Dirt, asphalt or concrete?

What are the site conditions?

Level or not level are not a problem, but the more uneven the ground the more prep work involved and that’s a cost you want to avoid if possible.

Is it a union site or non-union?

Sometimes you’ll cough up as much as 50% more if you’re on a union site.

Can forklifts and cranes access the site easily?

The more difficult the site, the longer it takes to install a structure.


Regardless of the project size – be it a 20,000 sq. ft. VIP space or a 250 sq. ft. activation space, every Condit temporary structure fundamentally goes together the same way. No matter where on the spectrum your event falls, first ask yourself and answer these basic questions and you’ll be on your way to realizing your vision at a cost that fits your budget.


Here are some project examples for inspiration

Porsche pop up event structure America's cup VIP building Deck lounge for a high-end event Double deck tent structure


Have an event where a temporary structure might be the perfect solution to add square footage or to create a customized branding environment? Starting a project is as easy as a few clicks


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