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Condit Temporary Structures: Logistics & Coordination

About our Temporary Structures

Design innovation in temporary structures and temporary event spaces continues to evolve as technology advances beyond the typical tent. At Condit we have over 75 years of global experience building and customizing event environments. Condit combines our in-house design, fabrication, and planning capabilities to provide an all-inclusive experience. We cover all the details, not just the basic rental and construction of our structures.


In this Article

In this article we’ll focus on how Condit handles the logistics and coordination of your temporary event structure. The support we offer our clients far exceeds that of providing a rental or purchased structure alone. Condit is one of only a handful of companies in the world that offers complete in-house turnkey services that includes interior fabrication.


The Task

When you have the task of managing a marketing event or trade show you don’t immediately realize the tremendous amount of detail and work necessary to make your idea a reality. You imagine the end product and set off to find a team capable of constructing your ideal branded environment.


The Issue

Too often we hear horror stories of how, with inexperienced structure providers, new clients of ours never saw their ideas realized. The common thread in each story is a lack of experience in project management and too many acting chiefs. Temporary structure projects are, quite frankly, logistical beasts. From pre-planning to installation through to dismantle, there is an ocean of planning to navigate and multiple layers of moving parts. For this, it’s essential to hire a team that can smoothly orchestrate each phase of the project with efficiency and creativity, quick thinking and action. When you have one company handling all your structure project needs, you’re more likely to see results.


Why Condit is Different

We have a resume that proves a partnership with us for your next event structure will not only save you headaches but we will go beyond your initial vision. Our core team of project managers have constructed temporary buildings on mountainsides, rooftops, hurricane-prone piers and near busy intersections. We work closely with city planners, engineers, convention centers, fire marshals, and ADA compliance to insure each project meets the required code. We do it all not only so that you don’t have to but because it’s efficient. You don’t have to hire a separate contractor for all the things inside the building either – we mean it when we say turn-key. We cover:

  • shipping
  • install & dismantle labor
  • equipment rental
  • HVAC rental & install
  • electrical planning
& install
  • waste removal
  • Bathroom design, plan and install
  • plumbing
  • custom decking & handrail
  • scaffolding
  • bleacher seating
  • A/V rental equipment & install
  • kitchen structures

We’re also unique in that our team of designers are among the best in our industry. Need to make the interior of your temporary structure as magnificent as its shell? We’ll design and oversee the complete interior outfitting of your structure space.

Custom branding and high-end furniture for a temporary VIP environment High-end furniture and lighting for a VIP sporting event space High-end custom bathroom inside a Condit Temporary Structure Flooring and custom reception counter for a Super Bowl City structure


Have an event where a temporary structure might be the perfect solution to add square footage or to create a customized branding environment? Starting a project is as easy as a few clicks


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