Condit Exhibits Design Team

The Condit Halloween Tradition

There is no more important holiday for the Condit Family than Halloween.

Since our company’s inception in 1945, Halloween has been a serious tradition.


Beginning in 2005, an official costume contest was added to our festivities.



And several years ago, we incorporated an office décor competition as well, dubbed “Wicked Workspace.”



In 2019, with the acquisition of our Chicago facility, we expanded our party to include our Midwestern coworkers and a pumpkin-carving contest.



In 2020, though we met virtually due to COVID, we created our first Halloween trophies.


“Halloween is kind of a big deal at Condit.  Just one peek at some of the past efforts and you immediately get a sense of how seriously committed we are.  I mean it’s kinda nuts,” said Keita Usuda, longtime senior designer. “Our virtual Halloween kind of sucked, but this year, we’re back! Live and in person!”



We’re looking forward to a safe in-person Halloween gathering this year, complete with costumes, pumpkins, decorations, and more!


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