Condit Exhibits Design Team

Condit’s 75th Anniversary

Celebrating 75 Years of Tradeshow & Exhibit Design Expertise


Nobody can live forever, but we can create things that do. As a true visionary and determined Renaissance man, Bill Condit founded our company in 1945, and his legacy lives on here at Condit. Bill worked tirelessly to hire the right people, prioritize design, and never take shortcuts for higher margins. And these simple but significant ideas still thrive at Condit. We are makers, designers, and trendsetters at our essence. We use art and engineering and imagination to materialize the brand into the physical world. And we wear our creativity as a badge of honor, always showcasing the design team from the start of any project. All of this came from Bill.




Seventy-five years later, though, we’ve raised the bar. When you’ve been in business as long as we have, “business as usual” just doesn’t move the needle anymore. You have to dream bigger. Aim higher. Bend time itself to find more hours in the day. Make the impossible possible. At Condit, we throw down the gauntlet with every single project—with fearless design, methodical planning, distinct engineering, and all-hands-on-deck execution. Because nobody is too important to get dirty when you’re breaking the rules of what’s possible, and this collective roll-up-your-sleeves-ness has bonded Condit staff and turned us into a family. You’ll feel that enduring sense of camaraderie the minute you walk in the door at Condit.


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One thing we’ve learned from generations of success is you can’t create rad things from a sea of sameness; you need a little uncommon in your game to keep from being like everyone else. Extraordinary trumps ordinary, every time. Our brilliant, standout, fearless individuals come together to create the spectacular, every day. We embrace the things that make you special as a person, because how else can we expect to make special things?


And when you put in the time, sweat and brainpower we do on every project, you become obsessed with making it truly special. If you believe something’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing right—and we refuse to lower our standards. We focus on the details and never take shortcuts because mistakes live in the margins, and that’s just not us. This passion for perfection is what drives us, and when the day is done, we all go home feeling proud of the work we accomplished today. That’s also something we get from our founder, Bill.

When we look back, it’s actually pretty easy to understand how Condit has survived for 75 years: We continue to evolve, no matter what. Opportunity has and will continue to push us in new and exciting directions—but we grow and improve and progress by choice because we won’t allow ourselves to get stale. We are committed to experiment and tinker and try new things to see what new challenges might yield. Progress or perish. It’s that simple. Make no mistake: We’re extremely proud of the first 75 years of Condit, but our focus is on what comes next.

Nothing is ever impossible at Condit.


Even after 75 years of doing what we do best, the flames of creativity still burn brightly at Condit. We dream bigger for our clients. Aim higher in our expectations. Bend time itself to find more hours in the day. And never (ever) settle on quality because we still give a damn about creating something extraordinary.

At Condit, we throw down the gauntlet with every single project—fearless design, distinguished engineering, and all-hands execution. It takes everyone to break the rules of what’s possible for our clients. This is how we stoke passion at Condit, even after a lifetime of triumph.

We invite you to join us in that passion and do fantastic, memorable work for your brand.