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Condit Creates Custom Rental Space for DaVita Healthcare Partners

DaVita Healthcare Partners recently moved its world headquarters to Denver, Colorado.  In 2013 the company held their inaugural “Villagewide Meeting” at the Colorado Convention Center.  In attendance were over 4,000 DaVita teammates that traveled from three different continents. At the Convention Center, exhibits were needed to help showcase each division and provide work stations for one-on-one interaction.

Condit’s exhibit rental system allows for unique customization of an exhibit on a tight budget or time frame.  DaVita’s space utilized exhibit technology and interactive design elements such as LCD monitors placed at work stations.  These stations enabled and encouraged the educational aspect of the in-house Villagewide Meeting.

During the event more than 3,000 members from DaVita took part in a service project.  The project “…is dedicated to our front line teammates,” said Kent Thiry, chairman and CEO of DaVita HealthCare Partners. “It’s where we pause to review our accomplishments, look to the future as we expand internationally as well as domestically with our HealthCare Partners family, and above all recognize those who truly role model our Mission and Values.”

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