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20 Facts in 2020 | Condit’s 75th Anniversary

Condit Exhibits celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2020, and we’ve gathered 20 interesting tidbits of information about our facilities, our history, our team, our projects, and our founder to commemorate the occasion!

the basics.

  • Condit was established in 1945, after WWII, in Denver, Colorado.
  • Condit was founded as “Condit Advertising Art,” later renamed “Condit Corporation.”
  • Condit was the first graphic arts/graphic design studio in Denver.
  • Condit has undergone 5 rebrands, 6 facility changes since its inception.
  • Condit is currently housed in a historic railroad depot and blacksmith shop.
  • Condit started with only two employees in a windowless attic office.
Condit Exhibits 1945

Condit’s first two employees

inside condit.

  • There are two Condit locations: the headquarters in Denver and a newly acquired Chicago facility.
  • Condit has over 250,000 square feet of manufacturing floor, warehouse storage and office space.
  • 20% of current Condit employees have been part of the Condit Family for over 10 years.
  • Condit’s biggest shows: SHOT, NPEW, ORW & ORS, ASCO, CES, IMTS and RECON.
  • Condit is focusing on sustainable exhibit solutions and reducing trade show industry waste.
old time downtown Denver

The current Condit facility in Denver was previously an old blacksmith shop and a railroad depot

about bill.

  • William H. Condit, or Bill for short, served in the US Air Force and designed pilot manuals.
  • Bill started Condit Advertising Art with only $88.
  • His son, Randy, is a senior account executive at Condit today.
  • Bill had a second career as a professional watercolorist.
Bill Condit

Bill Condit

fun facts.

  • The green and white mountains Colorado license plate is a Bill Condit watercolor painting.
  • One of Condit’s first booths was for Martin Marietta.
  • This project was also their first modular exhibit.
  • Halloween has always been our biggest holiday.
  • Bill and his advertising team initially specialized in airbrush painting.
A Vintage Condit Halloween

A Vintage Condit Halloween

building a legacy.

To learn more about Condit’s 75th anniversary, get in touch! Need help building your own legacy? Let’s start a project.


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