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What 75 Years Means to Me

Condit’s 75th Anniversary

Condit Exhibits celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2020. The company’s Denver headquarters are located in a historic railroad depot building and that heritage is something Condit employees can reflect on every day.

We gave Condit team members the opportunity to anonymously reflect on what 75 years in business means to them each month of 2020.


Expertise | January

“It means that we are experts in what we do. It means that we have experience and a lot of history that speaks to Condit consistently doing the right thing. I think it also speaks to the people that have worked here throughout the years – they have so much passion for the craft and love working here so much that it survived for this long…and will for years to come.”

Condit team members are as proficient as they are passionate. Their knowledge, industry experience and technical skills are crucial to Condit’s and clients’ success. With the average employee tenure spanning several years, the Condit family is dedicated to the craft and the long-term vision of our business.

Partnership | February

“Condit’s employees really care about our clients. I have never worked for a company that is so passionate about our client’s brand or finished product.”

Every step of the way, client vision is priority, and we are proud to be your partner in creating something extraordinary. We know that your end product is the result of clear communication, relentless quality control, and attentiveness to detail in our office, from our manufacturing floor, and onward to show site – year after year.

Originality | March

“Condit has, somehow, managed to strip away the status quo. You don’t get that ‘corporate vibe’ here. Condit has fostered a community where each individual is welcome to be themselves.”

Condit has always been comprised of unique people making unique things – brilliant, standout, fearless individuals who come together as one to create the spectacular. On and off site, Condit encourages self-expression and individualism, ensuring everyone is appreciated for the different traits and talents they bring to our collective table.

Resilience | April

“Condit has truly made a solid foundation – not only for me but many other individuals throughout the company. I feel like this company has many more years to continue to grow and dominate the industry with the capacity and foresight to see through the ebb and flow of the economy.”

With more than seven decades in business, Condit has remained stalwart and solvent in the face of financial recession and economic downturns. As we, along with our clients, partners and the rest of the world, grapple with the effects of the COVID-19 health pandemic, we hope to come back stronger than ever and contribute directly to the recovery of the global events industry.

Flexibility | May

“The day to day is always different. It keeps things exciting, and your daily work doesn’t get boring.”

The Condit team is well-equipped to deal with change, whether it is a last-minute project adjustment or the widespread changes in the event industry due to COVID-19. We’re quick on our feet, tremendously adaptable and ready to take on anything. We’re proud of our ability to put our collective heads together, examine a challenge from all angles, and arrive at a solution that works for everyone, every time. No matter the situation, we’re ready to dig in and make it work.

Teamwork | June

“Everything is a team effort, and everyone is very modest and humble. There is never a single rockstar getting credit for a project – and if someone is highlighted, they usually have four other people they thank! The willingness to accept blame for problems and to offer support no matter what is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”

At Condit, every single team member has an important part to play in providing a solid set of products and services to our clients. Condit employees are quick to collaborate, and our internal workflows are cooperative and synergistic on any size project.

Creativity | July

“Condit is special because of the quantity of creative people working here. From the obvious in design and engineering, even accounting has creative people.”

Even after 75 years of doing what we do best, the flames of creativity still burn brightly at Condit. We dream bigger for our clients. Aim higher in our expectations. We throw down the gauntlet with every single project — fearless design, distinguished engineering, and all-hands execution. It takes everyone to break the rules of what’s possible for our trade show, temporary structure, corporate, and museum clients.

creativity at condit


Locality | August

“Expanding nationally is great, and we should definitely continue to do that, but I think our local success has served as our backbone for almost all our 75 years of history. Colorado’s economy is fantastic, and every Denver business that does trade shows should know our name.”

Though we work around the globe, Condit has been proud to call Denver home for more than seven decades. From our first attic office off Colfax to our modern and spacious facility at the I-70 Corridor, we’ve always been a Rocky Mountain team with a special place in our hearts (and in our business) for the Colorado companies and brands we serve.

panoramic view of downtown Denver


Work Ethic | September

“Condit is different because of the work ethic of its employees, dedication to a job well done, and the ownership of both victories and shortcomings. There is a can-do attitude throughout, and everyone is always going above and beyond.”

When you put in the time, sweat and brainpower that we do on every project, you become obsessed with quality. If you believe something’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing well—and we refuse to lower our standards. We focus on the details and never take shortcuts because mistakes live in the margins, and that’s just not us. This passion for perfection is what drives us, and when the day is done, we all go home feeling proud of the work we accomplished today.


Transparency | October

“The customer is really involved. There are no surprises, and they know where their money is going.”

Over 75 years, Condit has a great deal of experience working with customers of all sizes and their unique specifications needed to bring an exhibit to life. Each department’s approach is transparent and collaborative – from design to fabrication through shipping, accounting, and storage. We review every project inquiry thoroughly to confirm the desired outcome and identify any potential issues. We face challenges as a matter of course, and we work with clients to find solutions, whether that’s coming up with cost-effective substitutions for materials or engineering solutions for complicated designs.


Perspective | November

“What I like about this place is that it is okay to walk away from your desk and catch a breath. This industry is pretty high stress, so the ability to move around helps. “

Condit team members keep perspective – working hard and playing hard, too. Whether it’s a quick trip to the on-site community garden or chicken coup, a midday creative exercise, or a team lunch, we know that you can’t put out quality products and services if you’re burnt out. Around the office and working remote, we can always find a place for some fun.

Family | December

“Condit feels like family to me. I love the creative, fun and collaborative culture we have. The people are what makes it special to me. Our CEO, Mike McGowan, is one of the biggest-hearted people I have ever met, and it is apparent that he really cares about every single person here at Condit.”

2020 has been a difficult year for many industries, including ours. Unfortunately, the Condit family has grown smaller as a result. As said by Condit’s longtime Creative Director, Kevin Trainor, “Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we’ve also had to downsize our staff at both the Denver and Chicago locations to accommodate lost revenue.  Our people, with their skills and experience, are our most valuable asset.  We hate to lose great talent and plan to bring back some of these key people at the earliest opportunity.”

And while we wait for the rebound of live event marketing, we’re thinking about our Condit family – past, present, and future.


A 75-Year Legacy

The Condit of yesteryear was, and continues to be, an extremely versatile organization. Condit started as an advertising agency and eventually morphed into the exhibit house it is today. The company designs, manufactures and provides event services for companies, museums, and agencies of all sizes both domestically and internationally. That standard for versatility as well as utilizing diverse approaches to challenges are pillars on which Condit still stands.

Founded in 1945 by Bill Condit, the business still bears his name. His son, Randy Condit, is a senior account executive, and his tenure spans nearly 50 years. CEO Mike McGowan has owned the organization since 2008 and has shepherded the business through the financial recession to unprecedented growth.

“75 years blows me away. My dad would be flabbergasted at how Condit has developed and grown through the years. It makes me very proud to be an integral part of this terrific organization.” – Randy Condit

75th anniversary logo badge

Growing the Legacy

Condit entered 2020 with record-breaking revenue and recently acquired Exhibit Source, Inc., based in Chicago, to increase its geographic footprint. Condit remains a company that prides itself on exceptional customer service, collaborative creative processes, superior craftsmanship, and a vibrant internal culture. As the recipient of numerous design and fabrication awards, including being named one of the Top 40 North American Exhibit Producers in 2019, Condit has and will continue to both set and exceed industry standards.

“Condit’s 75-year legacy is truly impressive and is something I am honored to be a part of,” said CEO Mike McGowan. “I am constantly humbled by the incredible character of our team members, customers, and suppliers who have made this organization what it is today.”

Condit Exhibits has withstood the test of time, remaining a successful and innovative business through the better part of a century. The company refuses to rest on its laurels, however, and continues to focus on the future with the latest exhibit technology, manufacturing methodologies, and sustainable business practices.

Branding Your Own Legacy

The future is bright, and we want to become part of your ongoing legacy. If you’re ready to take the next step in building an innovative project, let’s connect today.

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