What 75 Years Means to Me | 75th Anniversary Reflections | Condit

What 75 Years Means to Me

Condit’s 75th Anniversary

Condit Exhibits is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2020. The company’s Denver headquarters are located in a historic railroad depot building and that heritage is something Condit employees can reflect on every day.

We gave Condit employees the opportunity to anonymously reflect on what 75 years in business means to them.


“It means that we are experts in what we do. It means that we have experience and a lot of history that speaks to Condit consistently doing the right thing. I think it also speaks to the people that have worked here throughout the years – they have so much passion for the craft and love working here so much that it survived for this long…and will for years to come.”

Condit team members are as proficient as they are passionate. Their knowledge, industry experience and technical skills are crucial to Condit’s and clients’ success. With the average employee tenure spanning several years, the Condit family is dedicated to the craft and the long-term vision of our business.


A 75-Year Legacy

The Condit of yesteryear was, and continues to be, an extremely versatile organization. Condit started as an advertising agency and eventually morphed into the exhibit house it is today. The company designs, manufactures and provides event services for companies, museums, and agencies of all sizes both domestically and internationally. That standard for versatility as well as utilizing diverse approaches to challenges are pillars on which Condit still stands.

Founded in 1945 by Bill Condit, the business still bears his name. His son, Randy Condit, is a senior account executive, and his tenure spans nearly 50 years. CEO Mike McGowan has owned the organization since 2008 and has shepherded the business through the financial recession to unprecedented growth.

“75 years blows me away. My dad would be flabbergasted at how Condit has developed and grown through the years. It makes me very proud to be an integral part of this terrific organization.” – Randy Condit

Growing the Legacy

Condit entered 2020 with record-breaking revenue and recently acquired Exhibit Source, Inc., based in Chicago, to increase its geographic footprint. Condit remains a company that prides itself on exceptional customer service, collaborative creative processes, superior craftsmanship, and a vibrant internal culture. As the recipient of numerous design and fabrication awards, including being named one of the Top 40 North American Exhibit Producers in 2019, Condit has and will continue to both set and exceed industry standards.

“Condit’s 75-year legacy is truly impressive and is something I am honored to be a part of,” said CEO Mike McGowan. “I am constantly humbled by the incredible character of our team members, customers, and suppliers who have made this organization what it is today.”

Condit Exhibits has withstood the test of time, remaining a successful and innovative business through the better part of a century. The company refuses to rest on its laurels, however, and continues to focus on the future with the latest exhibit technology, manufacturing methodologies, and sustainable business practices.

Branding Your Own Legacy

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