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Sustainable Exhibits | Tips from the Regenerative Earth Summit

Learning About Sustainability at the Regenerative Earth Summit

Earlier this autumn, account executive Laura Braafladt attended Boulder’s third annual Regenerative Earth Summit to learn more about agroforesty and agriculture and to take a deep dive into the ideas behind regenerative farming.

Regeneration, according to RES19, is “the process of renewal, and restoration that makes life and ecosystems resilient to natural fluctuations or events that cause disturbance or damage. Regenerative concepts take sustainability to the next level, moving from ‘doing less bad’ to actually ‘doing good’ for people and planet.”

At the conference, academics, policy makers, brands, farmers and more came together to discuss the agricultural market, environmental regulations, sustainable production, and a variety of other topics meant to inform and educate attendees.



How Trade Show Exhibit Clients Embrace Sustainability and Regeneration

Condit is proud to have dozens of clients in the natural products industry as well as other brands pursuing nature-minded solutions to packaging, production, manufacturing and more. By increasing our knowledge and familiarity about trending environmental topics, like regeneration and sustainability, we can better connect these concepts and efforts to the larger marketing strategy of our customers, including their trade show booths and event-marketing tactics.

In addition to supporting and more effectively communicating with significant portion of our clients, by keeping up to date on the latest eco-friendly practices, Condit can ensure our own facility is running with a minimized carbon footprint. The trade show industry is, unfortunately, notoriously wasteful – employing many single-use items, harmful plastics, and pollutive elements. Condit reduces waste not only by utilizing recycled or recyclable materials but also by donating used exhibit components to charitable organizations, ensuring a second life for more complex structures and pieces.

Several former and current Condit clients attended and sponsored RES19, including: Alter Eco, Applegate, Charlotte’s Web, Danone, Gaia Herbs, MegaFood, Numi Tea, Smartwool, and VF Corporation.


Building a Sustainable Trade Show Booth with the Condit Team

Condit has a history of teaching prospective trade show clients how to create more sustainable exhibits for their events.

If you’re like Laura and passionate about conservation, ecology and regeneration, get in touch with us to discuss your green trade show booth or start a project to get crafting!

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