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10.18.2017 / Kevin Trainor

How To Create a More Sustainable Trade Show Booth

The word “sustainable” may make your eyes roll, we get that. It’s a trite term these days. It’s charged with political correctness. It’s used to describe everything from business practices to farming techniques. Despite its ubiquity, its intention is still of great importance. When a program seeks to create sustainability, it aims to create an environment that can renew itself without harming natural cycles for future stakeholders.

In the exhibiting world there is a proliferation of high carbon footprint materials and the subsequent waste of those materials. We’ve been at this exhibiting thing for decades. For much of that time we’ve taken measures to give our clients as many green options as possible. How do we do it? We start by asking, “how can we do it better”? The answer is to source better and lighter materials, adapt to newer, greener technologies and recycle when possible.


1. Use Green Materials

From raw materials to laminates and flooring, there are good choices to be made. Here’s the short of a very long list of sustainable products we can source for your trade show booth.


Beetle Kill Pine

Using locally-sourced beetle kill pine is a great way to integrate real wood into your exhibit without the cost of cutting healthy trees. Beetle kill pine is harvested from dead wood caused from an invasive species of beetle. The effect of the disease on the wood makes for beautiful and desirable blue striping throughout the grain.


Interface Carpeting

This modular carpeting company takes a holistic approach to their product processing. These products tout recycled materials, safe preservatives, and durability for a long product life.


Kihei Surfaces

Kirei offers multiple, all-natural product lines, including bamboo paneling, tiles made from recycled coconut shells, and a variety of wall surfaces made from reclaimed sorghum straw.


FilzFelt Sound Systems

Sustainable sourced, 100% wool felt designed for wall coverings and sound absorption.


Forbo Flooring & Walls

Eco-friendly flooring and wall covering solutions back by LEED other health and environment certifications.


Plyboo Panels & Floors

Wall panels, veneers and flooring products made from FSC® Certified 100% Pure Bamboo and Soy-based formaldehyde-free binders.


Source One Walls

100% biodegradable wall coverings made from harvested renewable sources.


We have used dozens of other fabulous eco-friendly products over the years, so this list is not exhaustive. Using lightweight materials like fabric is also another great option. Fabric packs down easier, which means you will need fewer crates and therefore less fuels will be spent on transport. When starting a project with us, we’ll find the right product fit for your specific project.


2. Use Technology to Your Advantage

LED has become the new light technology norm, which applies to exhibit lighting as well. Although we can’t control show hall lighting, you can certainly choose LED for all your in-booth fixtures. All of our lighting vendor partners offer LED solutions.


3. Reuse, Recycle and Rent Your Booth

A simple recycling tactic we’ve instituted is reusing your custom shipping crates. Why put these durable containers to waste even if your exhibit property changes? We retrofit the interior of all our crates to match your changing exhibit specifications.

If you choose to design a custom exhibit with us, we can find crafty ways to ruse or re-skin components of your booth for years to come. Worried about a company re-brand or new product messaging? Graphics are easily transferrable and we always use low VOC inks.

We have a vast rental program if custom does fit your scope. Renting a booth with us will give you the flexibility to showcase your specific brand while utilizing components that have many lives.



Interested in making your next exhibit more sustainable? Get in touch to start your green exhibit project.

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