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Wowza Pioneers Technology


Used by massive brands like SONY, Facebook, and the New England Patriots, Wowza Media Systems is the gold standard in streaming audio and video content on any device. Wowza’s software and hardware products are used in more than 170 countries for applications ranging from education to entertainment – and they utilized a number of rental exhibits from Condit.


Building a Relationship through Rental Exhibits


Condit Exhibits has partnered with Wowza for nearly five years, collaborating on numerous rental projects and visually narrating Wowza’s impressive growth from a fresh startup to a major global player. Below are a few samples of Wowza’s rental exhibit as well as a breakdown of how our partnership evolved over time.


Wowza concentrates on NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters trade show, held in April of each year. NAB is the largest show for technology and media with major players in post-production editing, journalism, film restoration and more in attendance.

Because Wowza’s trade show attendance is laser-focused on NAB, as well as one international event, full ownership, maintenance and storage of their booth components does not make sense, pointing them to a rental solution. With each of their rental projects, Wowza’s goal is a unique, customized exhibit that speaks to their brand, their product and service portfolio, and their developing partnerships.



Condit originally “bid” on Wowza’s first trade show project in an RFP scenario and was able to successfully differentiate their rental products beyond what many competitors offer. Condit does not provide basic “rental kits” and instead modifies standard components to look as though they belong wholly to the end-client. This includes custom-built elements if Condit’s existing inventory does not fit the client’s needs or vision!

With the help of Wowza’s incredibly talented and collaborative internal team, Condit’s craftsmen have successfully executed intricate customizations for Wowza each year, including a live on-air recording booth and an interactive inset device wall. Bright, full-wall graphics and a striking aerial sign have tremendously enhanced the look and feel of Wowza’s space, which has typically ranged from a 20x20 to 20x30 footprint. Though the relationship began with Wowza’s “brand arrival” and first island booth, it has continuously evolved to showcase product launches, rebrands, and new business partnerships.



Condit has carefully assessed Wowza’s needs from job to job and worked diligently to maximize both sides’ participation in the design process – the same, exact design process undertaken with purchasing clients and their projects.

A rental trade show booth is an excellent solution for brands and organizations that exhibit at fewer than three events per year, like Wowza. It’s also helpful for first-time attendees, exhibitors accustomed to out-of-the-box popups and portables, companies with low budgets, and brands with rapidly changing aesthetics or fluctuating booth sizes.

A rental project from Condit doesn’t skimp on the “little details” that define your business’ presentation while still offering you the flexibility to repurpose and retool as needed. It’s this partnership and collaborative process that have contributed to Wowza’s decision to continue working with and renting from Condit.


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