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4 Ways to Bring Your Exhibit to Life

Trade show managers are tasked with getting ROI out of their trade show exhibit as well as determining which trade show is the best fit for their audience.

Marketing teams want their exhibit to stand out and their brand to get noticed and sales teams want solid leads. What are the ways that your company can stand out at a trade show?

Your trade show exhibit can stand out by considering a few tips. Whether you are designing a new booth or refreshing an existing exhibit.

Lets review flooring, graphics, lighting and color opportunities to bring your exhibit to life.

Companies often forget how important flooring can be to your trade show exhibit. It is both important in the look and feel. Utilize padding or even double padding and your sales team along with your customers and prospects will be delighted. Many companies just pick a neutral gray color that they can rent. This may bring down the energy of your exhibit. Consider a more impactful color, texture or even an inlay in the floor to add to your trade show exhibit brand. It is important to budget properly to include flooring. Everything counts always in the world of trade show exhibiting.

Many companies do not consider the 3-5 second rule when developing signage. Your exhibit has about 5 seconds for people to understand what you do. Do you have graphics with a lot of text, un-attractive colors or small product images? Is your logo small on your exhibit and barely noticeable? You may want to consider a graphic upgrade.

There are many considerations to lighting an exhibit. Some companies just rely on the halogen lights or even convention hall lighting and don’t consider speaking to a trade show exhibit lighting expert. Additionally you should check for local regulations on what lighting they allow. Halogens are not allows in Las Vegas. Consider “up lighting” to help guide the eye to a specific graphic or product. Extra lighting can make an older exhibit come to life. Check out LED lights as they use less power and are not as hot.

Work with experts to determine the best way to create a color palette that fits your company brand guidelines. Adding in the right amount of new colors can help you stand out and get noticed.

Every company wants the most ROI from their trade show marketing efforts. You work hard to launch a product on time, develop that brochure and website. Remember, your trade show exhibit is the extension of your company brand. Invest in developing graphics, lighting, and flooring. Utilize an expert when choosing these items as well as the colors you want to use and you will be on your way to increased ROI.

Check with the Condit design team for additional ways to enhance your exhibits.