An Inside Look at Condit’s Sustainable Business Practices

Condit Exhibits is proud to adhere to sustainable practices in exhibit design and fabrication, in material recycling and disposal, and in our very own facilities. For nearly 20 years, Condit has innovated environmentally friendly solutions for clients and partners.


Combating Industry Waste

Unfortunately, the modern trade show industry is notoriously wasteful. Trash at conferences, expos, and other events is generated in bulk, including sampling items, packaging, promotional and marketing materials. Single-use exhibit components, like carpeting and vinyl flooring, also contribute to commercial waste. Hazardous materials, such as alkaline batteries and fluorescent light bulbs, pose additional risks and require appropriate disposal.


Sustainability in Exhibit Design and Fabrication

Condit Exhibits’ sustainability program is one of the first “green” design and construction programs in the American exhibit industry. Started in 2003, we offer our clients the option of making their exhibits “greener” – more environmentally friendly and reflective of their own efforts toward sustainability. We do this by providing a “menu” of green materials and practices to choose from in the construction of their exhibits.

Some of these are unseen, “under-sole” type materials, like plywood made from sustainably harvested trees. Some are eye-catching “green” materials like Kirei, a surfacing material made of recycled sorghum stalks that makes beautiful-looking counters. And some are just plain, old-fashioned materials like aluminum and steel, which, though commonplace, are among the most widely recycled products in the world.

In addition, we offer creative suggestions on how to reduce the weight of exhibits, thereby cutting down on the “fossil-fuel footprint” required to transport them to the venue. Whatever the technique or material, the main idea is that the client gets to choose what percentage of their exhibit will be “green” and sustainable, based on their particular goals and budget. This “a-la-carte” approach has proven very successful, and we are proud to say that we have built a substantial number of “green” exhibits over nearly two decades and that they have been very well received, not just by our customers, but by visitors to the exhibits as well as the press!


Sustainability in Material Disposal

When it comes time for a new booth or other updated exhibit properties, Condit has developed disposal and recycling protocol with eco-friendliness top of mind.

Some of our existing programs include:

  • metal recycling
  • battery recycling
  • electronics recycling
  • crate and pallet recycling
  • office furniture recycling through local reseller partners
  • household furniture/cabinets/lighting recycling through Habitat for Humanity
  • expansive rental inventory for reuse/repurposing
  • carpet, vinyl, turf flooring, and padding recycling
  • professional disposals with load compaction


Our Newest Program

As of 2021, we are participating in a program that allows us to recycle old acrylic materials, Sintra panels, and PVC sheet goods. In partnership with Vycom Plastics, we repurpose the materials into new products such as engineered wood decking.

A great deal of our rental wall panel system and signage graphics utilize PVC/acrylic infills. They are either direct-UV printed and/or have Velcro and adhesive printed vinyl laminate applied, which makes them very difficult to recycle. Vycom’s innovative process allows us to recycle all panels without peeling old graphics, Velcro, etc. prior to disposal. In addition to greater recycling efficiency, this also allows for a larger percentage of acrylics, Sintra and PVC to be recycled.

Our team has undergone training to better understand the recycling pipeline for Sintra and PVC. We have also placed a number of custom recycling bins around our manufacturing floor and warehouse to accommodate these specialized materials.


Sustainability in Our Facilities

We practice what we preach, and like so many of our clients and partners, we are consistently investing in sustainable options for our own backyard!

Some of our current facility features include:

  • reusable drinkware and cookware for employees and site visitors
  • water bottle refill stations
  • water consumption reminders on all faucets
  • office recycling (paper/cardboard, plastic, aluminum)
  • tree-planting program (to offset printer paper usage)
  • digital alternatives to printing (tablets, projectors)
  • roofing solar panels
  • community garden
  • backyard wildlife refuge
  • office chicken coop
  • chemical filtration and emissions reduction in graphic printing/production


Make It Green

To learn more about Condit’s sustainable business practices, get in touch or start your own green exhibit project.