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We’re Celebrating Four Ten-Year Anniversaries!

The Statue of Liberty took a combined ten years to build, ship and assemble. If something as monumental as the symbol of American freedom was a decade in the making, then this marking of time must indicate a noteworthy milestone. Here at Condit we happen to be celebrating four ten-year anniversaries this season. Our CEO and President, Mike McGowan, started with Condit the summer of 2008. Just two weeks later our now Vice President of Sales, Jenny Koehn, took the job after moving to Denver from HOT-Lanta. Soon after, Ned Mackey and Kari Grestini came on board as account executives. Ever since, each has contributed to the company’s growth, thriving culture and all around well being. Don’t believe me? We asked them to recount their ten favorite things about Condit. Here’s what they had to say:


Mike McGowan, President and CEO

  1. When my new employees held a roast for me at my first company Holiday Party.
  2. The Condit Classic badminton tournament
  3. Playing Human Hungry Hippo at the Condit Summer Olympics
  4. At an employee’s wedding, I was honored to walk her grandmother down the aisle.
  5. Ladies night out at a Rockies game and wearing a wig to fit in
  6. Company rafting trips and having our shop build custom rafts for the Hooligan Race.
  7. During a Condit ski day, teaching an employee’s 4-year-old daughter to ski.
  8. Winning a Condit doubles tennis match despite some stiff competition.
  9. All the magazine covers my employees Photoshop my face on to
  10. Dressing up as the Village People on Halloween, eating breakfast at the Village Inn and then preforming a choreographed dance in front of the entire company.


Jenny Koehn, Vice President of Sales

  1. Dressing up for Halloween!  My outfits often cross the line of “inappropriate for the office,” but no one seems to care.
  2. Dogs in the office…brings the stress level right down.
  3. We build real things!  I’m constantly in awe of the amazing work coming out of the shop.
  4. Supporting cool companies!  It’s an honor to work with brands that we admire.
  5. Fun & creative atmosphere!  Who else has a moose and a treehouse in their office..??
  6. Our “do whatever it takes attitude.”  Sh*t happens on the show floor but our team is at the ready with ideas and solutions.
  7. We like to play pranks.  During a bike to work day, my ride went missing and I found it suspended in the “trees” of the design dep’t.
  8. Willingness to help each other. During my first couple of months on the job, I had A LOT of questions (having never attended a tradeshow in my life).  Everyone was patient and kind.
  9. Our legacy. I love hearing stories about Bill Condit and the old days. He was a true artist and visionary.
  10. But ultimately, it all comes down to our people…the Condit family. We genuinely care about each other and it’s a pleasure to come to work every day.


Ned Mackey, Senior Account Executive

  1. Our passion to deliver quality service.
  2. The collective desire to take care of our clients.
  3. Design and Marketing
  4. Estimating and Project Management
  5. Accounting and Administration
  6. The shop and graphics dept.
  7. The warehouse and portables depts.
  8. Account management and logistics.
  9. Everyone who works for the company and doesn’t identify with items 3-8.
  10. The orange SMEG refrigerator in the lobby!


Kari Grestini, Senior Account Executive

  1. The People
  2. Some of my favorite Projects include: Cartier and Star Wars exhibits at the Denver Art Museum, Pure Storage trade show booth at VM World, Speck and Sphero trade show booths at CES and the Colorado Snowsports Museum exhibition re-design.
  3. Our First Friday Food Truck catered company lunches
  4. The friends I’ve made over the years. Whether it be current or past employees, clients and vendors.
  5. Having a pet friendly office.
  6. Seeing all the creative costumes each year on Halloween Costumes. Favorite include The Village People and Zoltar.
  7. Watching my son interact with all our departments each year for Bring Your Child To Work Day.
  8. Our fun, bright, communal and creative office space.
  9. Thanking our dedicated customers with special Thanksgiving gift boxes.
  10. The People!

In retrospect, 2008 turned out to be one lucky year. We’ve retained these four exceptional co-workers, mentors and friends for a ten years now and we hope much longer. Please help us in congratulating Mike McGowan, Jenny Koehn, Ned Mackey and Kari Grestini on a decade of service to Condit!


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