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The 7 deadly sins of Trade Show Marketing….and how to avoid them.

Lack of preparation and attention to detail do not make for a successful show. Poor pre-show marketing, the booth not being representative of the product you sell, packing up before the show is over, staff being unprepared or nursing hangovers and not being attentive to customer’s needs are all a recipe for disaster. Avoiding bad practice and developing a consistent level of good practice can help attract a high flow of new customers to your booth. This will also help ensure existing clients are satisfied and happy with the level of service they expect and receive.

To ensure a successful and lucrative experience at the show, adhere to the following:

Pre-Show Planning and Marketing:
Pre-show marketing not only informs your existing customers that you will be attending a trade show but can draw a high flow of new customers to the booth. Starting your pre-show marketing months in advance is always a great idea.
Placing ads in trade show publications featuring your latest press release, using Twitter and Facebook, and holding weekly meetings with your internal team to ensure everyone is accountable for the show’s success are all keys to great pre-show planning. So often people assume that things will get done and they don’t.

Hold weekly meetings with Condit to ensure everything is planned, detailed, and ready for the show.
Ensure your contractors leave enough time to dress out your booth. Set arrival deadlines so you can get into the booth to merchandise without interference.
Personal touches – a few green plants go a long way.
Fresh coffee and cookies work wonders.
Branding on the stand is key – make your brand a destination.
Offer a product giveaway or prize.

Show Etiquette:
Book meetings at certain “work/sell” stations – don’t take up valuable meeting space for an informal chat.
Ensure people stick to their designated work zone.
Ensure booth staff members eat and drink behind the scenes.
Always keep reception clutter free; company representatives should be in branded clothing, and wearing name badges, good manners and attention to personal hygiene are paramount.
Use glass and china, not plastic and paper when serving customers.
Snacks and treats offered should be of a high quality.

Considerable show experience has established that whatever the product, wherever the country, whatever the industry, avoiding these deadly sins and creating even more good practices of your own equals success.

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