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Temporary Structures – Go wild with Graphics!

Incorporating graphics into the design of your structure can help create something magical.  Our Space Building System allows you to display and integrate graphics directly into the design of the structure, inside and outside.

External graphics

Use large custom printed mesh or solid graphics attached directly to the frame of the building to create a high impact finish.  This looks especially impressive on a multi-level structures.

Internal graphics

Create panels of display graphics, or use simple decorative panels to create a stunning interior. The graphics can be attached directly to the frame, creating a sleek and attractive aesthetic.

Window graphics

Vinyl can be applied to the inside glazing to create a more subtle finish.  Applied to either a section of glazing or the entire face of a structure, it allows unique design elements to be incorporated into the structure design.

The unique features of the Space Building System gives you maximum flexibility to incorporate graphics into the structure design. We supply specially designed fixtures which allow all kinds of graphics and cladding to be attached directly to the structure frame.

If you’re planning an event or exhibition and would like to know more about the features of our Space Building System, contact Condit Exhibits today.

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