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Sustainable Event Buildings: Condit Temporary Structures

The VIP hospitality structure Condit provided for the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Beaver Creek, Colorado was built with nearly 90% sustainable building materials. Condit was met with the ultimate challenge when chosen as the temporary structure vendor for this event: provide an environment with the durability to withstand the harsh mountain environment as well as a high-end look – all while using components that when dismantled can be primarily reused or recycled.

Reusable glass wall paneling


Condit’s temporary structures utilize 8mm framed safety glass as a siding option. As opposed to acrylic or vinyl, real glass can be reused repeatedly when handled properly. This style of wall offers a versatile canvas for multiple customized branding options.



steel foundation and footings for event structureSteel & Aluminum

The frame and foundation of our temporary structures are comprised of steel beams and aluminum supports. Steel not only makes for the most durable and safe building material, but these beams can also be reused time after time without any depletion in strength or appearance. The aluminum components can be utilized repeatedly for years before being properly recycled.


Glass wall panels for temporary structuresWall Paneling

Our solid exterior walls are a double-skinned, galvanized-metal-faced, high-density foam panel that can be reused multiple times and even refinished and repaired to extend use time. These wall panels can also be interchanged with glass panels, offering a customizable aesthetic to your structure exterior.



Reuse & Recycle

Condit continues to focus on the use of sustainable and recyclable materials in our temporary structures. Not only do our structures offer a tremendous amount of reusable materials and components, when recycling becomes necessary we have worked with organizations and experts all over the country to ensure items are handled in the most environmentally conscious manner possible. You can be confident when using a Condit structure, you are making the sustainable choice.


Pre-Built Temporary Structures

Our temporary structures are modular with a number of configurations to fit your project needs. Our size and style options combined with economical practicality make these structures a popular and flexible space solution, including as outdoor installations at tradeshows and other events.  Visually stunning and functionally adaptable, our premium structures provide the optimum fit when good visibility is of prime importance. These designs set the standard in the world of global events and hospitality.


To  learn more about the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships,  visit our FIS World Championship Structures Page or read the Press Release.

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