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Retail Pop Up Activation for Sierra Designs

Pop-Up for Holiday Shopping

Condit collaborated with Sierra Designs, a high-performance camping, high alpine and backcountry gear brand, to create an immersive retail pop up activation at the Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, Colorado. Just in time to attract holiday shoppers, the installation was constructed in early November.


Engaging with Retail Customers During COVID-19

Zoe Lanterman, Marketing Manager at Sierra Designs, and her team wanted to create a customer-facing retail activation that involved direct interaction. Unfortunately, during the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional hands-on marketing tactics were not possible. Focusing on two key messages – the company’s Colorado heritage and their newly launched products – Sierra Designs worked with Condit to pivot their larger holiday strategy.

The pop up, which features a realistic campsite, products for purchase, and a sample vending machine, aims to educate and engage consumers in the most direct way possible. Product labeling includes QR codes that link to more detailed information about materials and manufacturing. With cozy seating areas and detailed wood paneling, the experience is meant to bring awareness to the brand and help potential customers learn more about the business’ history on their path to purchase.


Condit was able to complete the design, build, and installation in less than 20 days. Zoe said of the experience, “Laura [Braafladt] made everything I wanted and brought the entire idea to life without any issues. The whole process was so much better and faster than I expected. I could not imagine another company being this quick and turnkey. The attention to detail engineering made it so well-built and durable that we are going to use for years to come.”


Reaching an Active Lifestyle Audience

Using this local installation, Sierra Designs looks to introduce their brand to the Colorado consumer, who lives an active lifestyle and is knowledgeable about the outdoors. And, if a shopper or visitor to the pop up is not an outdoor enthusiast, the activation looks to educate and sell them on gifts for the “adventure lover” in their life instead!


Selecting a Local Pop-Up Venue

The Stanley Marketplace is a warehouse collective that is currently home to more than 50 independent Colorado businesses, including eateries, arts, shops, and activities. Sierra Designs profiled the pavilion’s traffic, the type of consumers that frequent it, and the kinds of organizations that rent space there – deciding that it was the perfect spot to pitch camp!


Measuring Customer Interaction Results

The most reliable metric for Sierra Designs has been the scanning of QR codes throughout the pop up. This means a person is within the installation, is looking at a product, and is interested in learning more information. Zoe estimates that the QR codes have a 10% engagement rate with nearly 100 scans so far. The campsite’s vending machine, which includes a mixture of free samples and for-purchase products, also requires regular refilling, though total sales have not yet been tabulated.

During routine cleanings and safety checks, the Sierra Designs marketing team is also visually monitoring through their in-person visits. Their initial observations indicate a high level of participation with shoppers “hanging out” at the campsite almost constantly – socially distanced, of course – and taking tons of selfies! Compliments on the pop up have also poured in from other Stanley Marketplace tenants.


Building for In-Person Retail

We have a thorough and innovative design process that can streamline your project from ideation to interaction. Interested in crafting a pop up activation or retail environment for your brand? Get in touch with us.

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