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Remembering Richard Raedeke

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Richard Raedeke, Condit’s longtime Vice President of Operations. Richard was the heart and soul of our business, leading the company for nearly 30 years. His spirit of hard work, integrity, and kindness will live on forever within the walls of Condit.


Our team had these special thoughts and memories to share:


Keita Usuda, Senior Designer

“This is how I will always remember Richard…this one from 2007 Halloween.  I think many will remember him for being the sensible voice of Condit, a compassionate and earnest leader who always had our best interests in mind. But he also had a really goofy and kid-like side to him, which I think was his natural self.  His job required him to be business first, and he was so good at his job that sometimes it was not as easy to see his silly side.  But it definitely shined through during company and holiday events…and that’s what I’m gonna miss the most.”

Richard Raedeke

Richard Raedeke


Mandy Glenwright, Senior Project Manager

“Here is a picture from the time Richard and his family invited me to join them at the Denver Turkey Trot in 2011. I spent the entire walk talking with him. I’d been with Condit just over a year, and if I didn’t already know how much I was going to love working for him before, I did after that day. Over the years, he saw me through many work rollercoasters and supported my growth at every step. His pragmatic and analytical ways were often the calm amidst the storms for me and most of all I will miss watching him sit back in his chair with a wry smile and say, ‘Interesting question. Why do you ask?’”

Richard Raedeke and family

Richard Raedeke and family


Kevin Trainor, Creative Director

“It’s funny, for the longest time I wasn’t even aware that Richard had a significant design background. Like so many of his other talents, he was modest about it.  He always had good advice about specific elements of a design, particularly about what would be easier or more difficult to produce, but that was about it.  There were a couple times, though, where he would say, ‘That would look cool if it was curved’ or ‘You know, if you made that out of metal, it would be really cool.’ They were invariably suggestions that improved the design.

So I should have known he had hidden design talents. But I didn’t really get it until I finally saw all of the wonderful design and fabrication work he did at his and Julie and Anna’s home. Incredible!  The work of a true craftsman passionate about good design and about his Family’s nest.

I guess all this is to say that, in a subtle way, he did a lot to shape me, in the same way that he shaped a lot of us at Condit. Teach people what the job is. Get out of their way. Let them shine. Build them up when they need it, and straighten them out when they’ve left the path.  I’ve learned so much from you, Richard…thank you!”


Ned Mackey, Senior Account Executive

“In 2009, Richard and I represented Condit in the 3-day Courage Classic ride in the mountains. On the last day, I went out too fast and was struggling on the biggest climb of the day. I was about to get off my bike and walk, when I heard Richard’s familiar ‘Ruh-Roh!’ He got in front and drafted for me all the way to the top. I will always remember him as a vibrant and physically strong man. Everyone who knew Richard will miss him and his strong, earnest heart.”

Courage Classic for Children's Hospital Colorado

Courage Classic for Children’s Hospital Colorado


John Gonzales, Graphics Department

“Below, you will find a VERY kind message from Richard to me, welcoming me to the Graphic Design Department, with a really cool picture as well.

‘John –  As you already know much of an individual’s success in life has less to do with their ability/aptitude and more to do with their attitude.   You find yourself with this opportunity because of the can do, positive attitude you bring to work with you each day!   Yes, there is lots to learn, and I’m sure you will do a great job. Thanks for setting an example for everyone each and every day! Looking forward to accomplishing great things with you! – Richard’

The picture is from when we had a blizzard, and Richard and I were the first ones to make it in, so he wanted to take a pic and send it out with the caption, “Where is everybody?” He also stopped that morning and grabbed burritos AND Duffeyrolls, those were his favorite (priorities are a must 😊), mind you, this pic was taken at 5 am, so this was quite an accomplishment.”

Richard Raedeke and John Gonzales

Richard Raedeke and John Gonzales


Jenna Molina, Warehouse Manager

“Richard has been my boss for almost 10 years, and it’s a huge loss. He has been my number 1 supporter since I was hired. When I interviewed with him, one thing has always stuck out in my mind that still makes me smile.  He asked me if he came to my house would it be clean and organized. I thought it was a strange question, but still said, ‘Yes, would you like to come over and see for yourself?’ He laughed and, of course, said no, but after getting to know him, I realized very quickly he was one of the most organized people I have ever met. That one question made me become even more clean and organized than I have ever been. I just wanted him to be proud of me, and in the end, I feel in my heart he was. One of our last big conversations was when I received my promotion. I told him I would do everything I could to make him proud, and his response was, ‘I know you will.’ He was such a special person and will be greatly missed. He has taught me so many valuable lessons that I will never forget. He will hold a big place in my heart forever.”


Donnie MacDonald, Estimator

“I remember my first day at Condit was also a First Friday/Company Meeting. Richard made a big speech about the state of the company, and my biggest takeaway was his liberal use of the word ‘family’ to describe employees and co-workers. Over the years, Richard used this term often in meetings and when addressing a group, and it was never just a buzzword manager-speak, it was the core basis for the special culture that exists at Condit. When Richard said nothing is more important than family, you knew he meant a daily focus on your personal lives and interchangeably the balance with the Condit family that meant so much to him.”


Jenny Koehn, Vice President of Sales

“The word that keeps coming to my mind to describe Richard is caring.  He truly considered Condit to be a family and wished the best for everyone.  He was eager to connect on a personal level and act as a sounding board to advise on big life decisions.  Richard’s love for Julie & Anna was overflowing, and he never shied away from sharing his emotions.  I specifically remember a company meeting in 2019, following a trip to another exhibit house…the tears were flowing as Richard described just how special a place we have, all because of our people.  I hope to lead by his example.

The pirates picture was from Halloween 2009…as a new AE, I was still terrified of Richard!”

Richard Raedeke and Jenny Koehn

Richard Raedeke and Jenny Koehn


Elzana Bailey, Controller

“Thank you, Richard, for making me part of something, The Condit Family! We have done a few hard things in life, like immigrating to the USA, but having the privilege to have known you and the support you have given me really helped a lot! Your positive attitude has taught me that, ‘For some, attitude presents a difficulty in every opportunity; for others, it presents an opportunity in every difficulty.’ (John C. Maxwell) Your endless support and understanding for the foreign girl, even her humor, will be something I carry in my heart forever.  I had so much that I still wanted to learn from you, as you had so much knowledge of the business and patience to teach. R.I.P. and know you will never be forgotten.”


Sarah Thompson, Account Executive

“My first ever Condit Halloween. Turns out Richard and I coordinated outfits without even planning or knowing it! I went as a race car driver, and that day (the whole day) Richard was my biggest fan – haha! Damn, I miss him and the culture he instilled at Condit.”

Richard Raedeke and Sarah Thompson

Richard Raedeke and Sarah Thompson


Pete Nelson, Graphics Manager

“One memory of Richard that I will miss is in our manager meetings, if I ever made a wise crack he would always call me snarky, so I saw this candy bar and bought it for him. He proudly displayed it on the shelf in his office to this day. I will miss his sense of humor and good nature.”

Candy Bar


Phil Syman, Senior Fabricator

“During these last few years, Richard and I were able to connect via NASCAR.  He was heading to a race in Kansas and asked me who he should root for.  I told him to go for the hometown boy, Martin Truex, Jr. (#78), and the Furniture Row Team.  He purchased this bright orange Furniture Row #78 hat, and he felt it was too bright for him, so he ended up giving that hat to me, which I continue to wear to any race I attend.  Throughout the years while wearing it, I eventually got it signed by Martin Truex, Jr. (twice, in fact!) I continue to wear that hat to this day and will hold those memories Richard and I talking about those races and rooting for the home team.”


Laura Braafladt, Senior Account Executive

“I brought my dad through Condit in 2012 before he passed away. Richard complimented me to my dad, which brought a wonderful smile to his face. Richard also gave me memorable kudos via email with a picture of over a dozen crates lined up, saying, ‘The installer at the show will think they won the lottery when they deliver these!'”

Remembering a trip to Fredrichshaven, Germany 2011


Fredrichshaven, Germany

Fredrichshaven, Germany


Randy Condit, Senior Account Executive

“I remember on a Condit rafting trip, Richard stood out. He was the strongest person with the rowing paddle – when he rowed you could feel the raft move. When we were ready to launch, all I wanted was to be behind Richard in the raft and feel his strength – felt very safe.”

Rafting Trip

Rafting Trip

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