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Announcing Randy Condit’s Retirement

Celebrating Over 50 Years of Tradeshow Design Expertise

Randy Condit, son of founder Bill Condit, has contributed to countless projects, Condit careers, and other business endeavors over nearly 50 years. Since his official hiring in 1973, Randy has had notable impact on his coworkers, clients, and the Condit process. Though Randy officially joined our company on May 31st, 1973, you could find him pushing a broom in the shop during summer breaks in his adolescence.  Over the decades, Condit has transformed, with the advent of Velcro, digital cameras, fax machines, personal computers, mobile phones, and the Internet. Our organization has survived a devastating flood in 1966, the Dot Com Bust, September 11th, The Great Recession, and the COVID Pandemic. And Randy has seen it all! Carrying on the family legacy, he closed his career as our most tenured account executive.


Though his big personality and tremendous presence will be missed in the Denver office, we sincerely congratulate him in all he has accomplished and wish him a wonderful retirement!



Our team had these thoughts and memories to share:


Ned Mackey, Senior Account Executive

“We all appreciated Randy’s classic motto: ‘protect the corporation, make money, happy client.’”


Keita Usuda, Senior Exhibit Designer

“Things I have and will forever associate with Randy: Zolotane and Polomyx (it was huge in the 90’s); ZERO truss (also huge in the 90s); Master Blueprints; the term “pattern-interrup,t” which I believe came from Sandler training but Randy made it his own; the “yellow house” (El Taco de Mexico); the Moss funnel; Stewart from Veterans Carpet; whenever I see booth staff wearing the same shirt/outfit; quick budget breakdowns with amortization; vintage golf clubs; terrible handwriting (I think there’s a decoder ring floating around somewhere…); and relentless pursuit of the perfect swing. It’s been a pleasure, Randy. What a legacy you’re leaving behind. You are an icon, and you will be missed.  But enjoy the retirement because you really earned it.”


Sarah Thompson, Account Executive

“Randy will forever remain an icon of Condit even though he no longer walks the halls sporting his classic blue jeans and leather broncos coat, talking about his golf game. I had the pleasure of working with Randy when I was a client of Condit’s and was thankful he made the introduction to Condit’s leadership team, which would put me on Denver soil, proudly sporting the bright orange Condit logo. When I joined the Condit family, I got to participate in ‘Tradeshows 101,’ along with a lot of other newbies, taught by none other than Randy Condit. He was a mentor, a colleague, and a friend. We will never forget his methods, his tactics, and his devotion to the Sandler method.”


Kevin Trainor, Creative Director

“The person with the longest tenure at Condit, the company started by his father over 75 years ago, is departing our ranks.  Randy has been with us through thick and thin, through ups and downs, with a remarkably consistent presence and a track record of success that may never be equaled. I think anybody that has been in the organization for any length of time will say that they’ve learned something from Randy along the way. I know I sure have, and will carry that knowledge – about the business, about clients, about human nature-with me into the future. I’m grateful for all I’ve learned, from a guy whose greatest pleasure sometimes seemed to be teaching others. I have no doubt that retirement will suit him well. Randy has always been a guy who enjoyed life, travel, and time with friends and family. Randy, here’s wishing you years and years ahead to enjoy it all!”


Jeff Thomas, Senior Account Executive

“Randy would hear one side of a phone conversation, run to his office, grab an old rendering, and tell me, ‘This would be perfect for them!’ is one of my favorite memories. It’s been a hell of a ride, Randy.  You will certainly be missed, but never forgotten.  Enjoy your retirement.  You certainly deserve it!!!”


Jenny Koehn, VP of Sales

“Randy has been a fixture through thick and thin.  His loyalty and dedication to the craft should be commended!  When I started in 2008, Randy was gracious with his time and immediately indoctrinated me with the ‘Condit process.’ Randy has given his entire career to this company…you can’t say that about many people these days.  He’s got a big heart and he’s an incredible grandfather!  He deserves to ride off into the sunset with our respect and admiration.  I’m going to miss our (almost) daily conversations and bickering about the merits of the ‘new’ way of doing business.  You can say he’s old school but Randy is stepping down as our #1 salesperson in 2021.”


Laura Braafladt, Senior Account Executive

“Back in 1994 when I joined Condit, Randy took me under his wing and shared with me how to do this business. I learned how to itemize my work order, to think through every step it takes to get a job out the door, I learned how to go through an estimate, to make sure everything could be accounted for, I learned how to paint these pictures for our clients and this built loyalty. Randy, your process built this company, your loyalty through all the ups and down showed me how I needed to treat my career at Condit. I will miss our chats about art and golf and our kids. Thank you for your endless devotion to Condit and your clients. Sending you gratitude and love as you transition into your next adventure.”


Mike McGowan, CEO

“Though we’ve had our disagreements over the years, Randy has been an invaluable asset to this company and a professional resource that everyone, myself included, could count on. He always kept Condit clients top of mind and was admirably dedicated to every single one of his customers.”



Like his father Bill, Randy preserved hard-copy letters of recommendation from some of his clients.


Randy also kept a large collection of old photographs, documenting some of his early exhibit builds.


A few of Randy’s final Condit projects included…


To learn more about Randy’s professional history and contributions to Condit, take a look at this post for his 43rd anniversary at Condit several years prior.

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