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Repurposing Tradeshow Exhibit Components

How Cochlear Reuses Tradeshow Exhibit Materials in Permanent Office Installation

Cochlear, global leader in implantable hearing solutions, is a longtime Condit client in the healthcare and medical industry. Each year, Cochlear attends many tradeshows around the world and hosts their own internal conferences. With Condit’s help, Cochlear repurposed several components of their tradeshow exhibit properties in a corporate installation at their headquarters in Lone Tree, Colorado.


Cochlear’s Lone Tree, Colorado office



Cochlear and Condit collaborated on the reuse of two key exhibit elements in the Cochlear Experience Center: the Win Back Wall and the Performance Stack Lightbox.

The Win Back Wall: Visualizing Real Results

The Win Back Wall, a peg wall designed and built in partnership with Condit, ties into one of Cochlear’s current marketing campaigns. It most recently appeared at the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) Annual Convention in 2023.

Hannah Humke, associate manager of event marketing at Cochlear, explained, “The Win Back campaign was designed for our recipients who once had excellent hearing but lost it either gradually or through an incident. It is by no means to say those with hearing are ‘winners,’ but because of the audience at HLAA, primarily mature adults who have lost their hearing, it made sense to bring the campaign to that conference. The wall was utilized not only as an art installation but a way to hear our recipient stories and what they believe they ‘won back’ with their hearing implants from Cochlear.” Today, Experience Center visitors can view these stories and experiences and, if Cochlear patients, they can contribute to the wall directly.


Performance Stack Lightbox: Factors On Display

Cochlear’s event marketing team utilized the Performance Stack Lightbox three times in the past year, including at American Academy of Opthalmology (AAO) annual meeting and internal training events, prior to bringing it into the Experience Center space.

Hannah detailed, “The Performance Stack is a visual representation of surgical and electrode factors that contribute to achieving long-term hearing performance. It presents these in a way that highlights both their individual contributions, and more importantly, the interactions required that enable additive benefits along the performance stack. Each performance step is only enabled by delivering the former. It will live in the Experience Center for a variety of reasons: we host professional training for audiologists and surgeons, and we want to educate them on the lifetime of hearing shown by the performance stack. We also want our candidates and recipients to see why the lifetime of hearing matters and reassure them that with Cochlear you will hear now, and always.”



Through the repurposing of these exhibit elements, Cochlear has been able to bolster their event marketing messaging at a more localized touchpoint. And with the upcoming International Congress on Bone Conduction and Hearing and Related Technologies hosted by the Academy of Osseointegration and the University of Colorado, the installation has proven timely for guests and visitors. “We have a large number of professionals coming to our headquarters for workshops, tours, and a launch reception – so it is a perfect way to showcase what they do on a daily basis changes peoples’ lives drastically.”


Win Back Wall in the Experience Center



In addition, the recycling of tradeshow exhibit components supports financial responsibility within the marketing program and the organization overall as well as corporate sustainability goals. The relocated installations also remind Cochlear’s team members of the business’ mission.


“The Win Back Wall has been the talk of the office. We planned out the installation perfectly (by accident) as we had a companywide party, with our families as guests. Many of our employees are recipients of our products or have family members who are (myself included) so they were able to add their own Win Back card to the wall. It is not only an art installation, but also a way to stay grounded to our mission when a day might be difficult – the Win Backs re-focus on what is important, and why we work so hard.”


The Cochlear team



Corporate installations help define an environment and speak to the company culture, values, and aesthetic. Condit is well-versed in extending clients’ brands. Semi-permanent and permanent installations are spaces with which employees, partners, clients, and visitors can all engage.

The Win Back Wall at Condit


“Condit provided these art installations – they are high quality and well-engineered. Condit was able to take our measurements in the Experience Center, consider those for the exhibit booth, and marry the two well. The Win Back Wall looked like it was custom-made for the HLAA booth, but it also looked like it was custom-made for our Experience Center.”


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