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Array BioPharma’s New Custom Exhibit at ASCO 2018

Array BioPharma has arrived in the global pharmaceutical arena in a big way. Founded in Boulder, Colorado, Array is a fully integrated, biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of targeted small molecule drugs to treat patients afflicted with cancer and other conditions. Condit assists Array in their trade show marketing efforts, and until this year they’ve opted for rental exhibit solutions. For the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2018 show however, Array requested our design department create a fully custom 30×40 exhibit. Condit is no stranger to ASCO and prides itself on being able to create dynamic medical and healthcare exhibits for the annual gathering.


The design goal for the Array BioPharma exhibit was to create a striking space that would emphasize the company’s growing presence, resources, and commitment to patients. Several elements worked in tandem to fulfill this overarching goal. All customizations would adhere specifically to Array’s brand. The booth’s architecture would need to strike a balance between stability and innovation, at once sturdy but rhythmical. Kevin Trainor, lead exhibit designer on this project, drew inspiration from sharp and airy biotech campuses while also incorporating natural elements to represent the company’s tie to Colorado. This look of innovation softened by natural materials would set Array’s exhibit apart. Functionally, Array’s team needed high visibility on the show floor, both informal and formal meeting spaces, and messaging area for different levels of engagement


Like a biotech campus–which evokes credibility and innovation–Array BioPharma’s custom exhibit at ASCO 2018 proved a grounded, polished, welcoming and functionally efficient space. Approaching the exhibit, two large hanging signs provide 360 degree brand visibility. At closer proximity, Array’s logo and branding are visible on all sides. Most striking of which, a dimensional logo and large blue Plexiglas hexagons stand off of and interrupt a 20-foot maple wall. Step into the space and you’re met with warm lighting, an inviting reception area, an informal meeting space made up of white block seats, an informational light box and several interactive kiosks. While inside the booth you can feel the effect of layered architecture; globe lights hang at varying levels while both wood and angled fabric canopies loosely enclose the space. Messaging centers feel thin and light rather than heavy and bulky. Contrasting the sharp architectural elements, grasses and blue tones soften the environment. Enter the exhibit further and you’ll find private meeting rooms walled by blue Plexiglas and frosted sliding doors with finely machined hardware. Look closely here and you’ll see the hexagonal shape found in Array’s logo patterned on the plex. Enter into the back of the booth and you’ll notice a subtle space separation when the carpet changes from grey to the brand’s blue. In the back of the exhibit, visitors can have further interaction with additional touchscreen messaging kiosks, have an informal meeting on high-top counters, or view the “Pipeline” message board which visually represents Array’s current drug developments and partnerships.


Array BioPharma exhibited at a familiar show in a brand new space. Through a collaborative design process, Condit delivered an exhibit with original and striking architecture, fresh materials and colors, and purposeful functionality. The exhibit was an attractive statement that excited show attendees, drew in the visitors Array sought, and reinforced the company’s foundation on science and commitment to patients.




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