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Jones Dairy Farm’s Modular Exhibit for Natural Products Expos

Jones Dairy Farm is a six-generation, family owned company producing all-natural specialty meats. Previously, Jones Dairy was exhibiting with an outdated booth with distracting fixtures and poor functionality. They looked to Condit to bring their exhibit up-to-date, to create smarter storage and serving integration, and beautifully show off their forward-thinking yet rooted-in-tradition brand. The 10×10 modular exhibit debuted at the 2018 Natural Products Expo West show. Condit is well known at this event as has a dynamic portfolio food and beverage exhibits speciality crafted for this show.


For this project, the design process between the client and our exhibit team was highly collaborative. The team at Jones Dairy Farm brought ideas and inspiration examples to the table, which provided a strong start to an end goal. Their aesthetic direction showed odes to a traditional farmhouse kitchen mixed with a modern twist.

As important as the look, the client needed equal emphasis on bold messaging and practical functionality. Brand identity, messaging and packing would each need prominent spaces to live, tricky to accomplish within a small space.

The booth’s efficiency was also key and integral to an overall successful design. The Jones Dairy Farm exhibiting team would need to have a hidden fridge for cold storage as well as hot sampling stations that ridded the bulky heating lamps they used in the past.

In this stage, our design team also had to think about how the 10x10 configuration would adapt to a 10x20 space. This consideration helped both teams prioritize the booth goals, thus effecting a concrete direction for the more immediate, smaller exhibit.


The completed 10x10 exhibit for Jones Dairy Farm at Expo West met each of the design and functional goals. A large counter spanned the length of the booth, allowing maximum visitor and sampling space. The counter was topped with a custom, sand blast-textured maple butcher block in which “Family Owned Since 1889” was carved. The counter was faced with a lit logo and barn door-clad cabinets.

The back wall offered more messaging opportunities; a large LED lit graphic logo laid front and center, with a faux textured bead board wall behind. To the right, a storage cabinet faced with chalkboard art offered space for product-specific information. The refrigeration station not only served as cold storage but also as more real estate for messaging and catchy chalkboard art. Kitchen props, antique accents and potted herbs completed the homey kitchen feel, while bright white cabinets and warm wood tones offered an elevated farmhouse aesthetic.

To achieve a successful sampling area, the counter was fabricated with holes to inset crockpots. This design feature allowed the food to stay warm all day, and the flush design allowed the hardware to blend seamlessly with the counter top. Product packaging was placed on custom, white cutting boards set above each crockpot.


When designing any food booth, functionality must always balance well with the aesthetic design. For Jones Dairy Farm, having a client with intentional direction and input from the beginning helped drive a successful process, which lead to a remarkably useful and beautiful exhibit. The value of this upfront work will serve both teams well for executing the future 10x20 space. The reconfiguration will utilize all components from the 10x20 booth, while adding more prep space, messaging real estate and room for an interactive experience.





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