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How to Design a Successful Food Booth

Designing Food Trade Show Booths and Expo Exhibits

There’s no one formula for designing a tradeshow booth, and our exhibit designers believe every industry should have different considerations when conceptualizing theirs.

With the Natural Products Expo West show just around the corner, we’ll walk you through our exhibit designers’ best tips for creating a successful trade show booth for the food and beverage industry. We’ll also show you best practices and design ideas for maximizing food samples and product displays.


Tips for Displaying Food Products

Your products could boast beautiful packaging, but without a strategic plan for product placement and display, you’ll be missing out on enticing attendees to visit your booth.

Incorporate quality shelving to compartmentalize different product lines, instead of stacking products on counter tops. Create visual and tactile displays with the whole ingredients used in your product, this will help give your attendees a full sensory experience by being able to see, smell and touch the ingredients that make up the flavors of your food.


Anatomy of a food booth: Sampling

Numi Tea – Ingredient Station

Make Food Sampling Simple

Similar to the previous point, you can have the best tasting, most original food idea on the show floor, but if your visitors have a hard time accessing it then your exhibiting experience will be a failure. Our designers suggest creating a traffic flow for both “passerby samplers” as well as for those spending committed time within your booth space. Set up aisle-accessible food stations for the passerby’s and food “zones” inside your booth for those spending time in your space. Strategically spaced zones will make accessibility to your products streamlined.

Make sure your booth design also incorporates space needed for prepping food. Will you need to heat your food? Slice it? Chill it? All of these details must be considered in the design stage of your booth planning.


Hammonds Candies food booth

Hammond’s Candies Sampling Counter


Design for the Trade Show Experience

The third most important consideration our designers advise for food exhibitors is presentation. How will you present the food your attendees will be sampling? Will you be providing serving utensils for each sample? If so, you may consider designing a booth with a storage station in conjunction to your serve station. Don’t leave sanitation out of the equation either; will you need to account for garbage barrels to be placed in your booth space?


Don’t wait until your booth install to address the many details food exhibiting entails. Assessing display, sampling, and presenting during your booth design stages will help make for a smooth and successful show.


Food trade Show Booth Display

Justin’s Nut Butter Food Samples Display



Have a Food Booth Project Idea?

Bring your food and beverage trade show or expo design idea to life. Condit has a diverse history of successful food booth design projects spanning a variety of industry shows, including Natural Products Expo West (NPEW). Reach out to our team and let’s start collaborating on your next tradeshow design project.

Just researching for now? We have a host of exhibit case studies available for design ideas including booths by brands like Jones Dairy and Fresh Gourmet.

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