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Color-Matching Your Tradeshow Exhibit Graphics

How High-Quality, Large-Scale Exhibit Graphics Can Align with Your Brand

Bringing your brand to life through an in-person exhibit is crucial for making a statement at your next tradeshow, conference, or event. However, the process of incorporating your colors and graphics into a three-dimensional space is more than just a simple task of print and assemble. Our team of tradeshow professionals are experts in making sure your graphics and colors are in complete alignment with your brand and maximizing your impact at every event!


Color Matching and Custom Graphics For Healthcare Exhibits

RLDatix, a healthcare technology company, collaborated with Condit on a custom exhibit for ASHRM, the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management Annual Conference.

This new exhibit design and build included broad swaths of color, full-wall graphics, and tailored event messaging that showcased the skills of Condit’s in-house graphics department in color-matching, print clarity, material selection, and more.




As a Condit client, RLDatix exhibits at numerous healthcare conferences, expos, and shows throughout the year. Their previous projects included rental exhibits and portable modular solutions.

VP of Marketing Operations Amy Lee delineated the goals for the look, feel, and function of this new custom project.

“We wanted an open-space concept that would allow for conversations and demo stations to showcase how our solutions are utilized by healthcare organizations to connect data across the enterprise to make better informed decisions and deliver safer healthcare.”

The corresponding graphic layout for the open-concept floorplan heavily featured the deep orange of RLDatix main color palette and a variety of materials, including direct-to-substrate prints, vinyl wraps, and painted components.

Pete Nelson, Condit’s Graphics Manager, described the process to coordinate graphic files, production, and eventual application, “Our graphics department and exhibit designers work closely with the client in creating their design and to make sure files are received correctly in preparation for Condit’s usual fast turn in the production process. For color, we rely on the industry-standard Pantone Matching System (PMS). This gives us a target to shoot for when we print swatches to choose the closest color possible, with the goal to match all elements of the exhibit, regardless of material type, texture, or size. From there, our graphics team cooperates with the shop and warehouse, giving particular attention to custom-built elements and vinyl wrapping on this project.”



Pete continued, “After our color matches were approved, we sent these out to have corresponding paint prepared for some of the custom pieces, especially the curved end caps and any pieces that directly lined up with those components. The result was impressive: between the direct-to-substrate print, vinyl, and painted pieces, all colors matched very well. The direct-printed panels showcased a striking contrast between the bright orange and the dark blue, creating a visually appealing effect throughout the exhibit.”

And after client approval during the Condit preview process, RLDatix’s 20 x 20 custom island exhibit debuted at ASHRM 2023 with vibrant colors and crisp graphics. Amy described RLDatix goals for the show, supported by the custom build and its tailored graphics, as “customer retention, lead generation, and cross sell/up sell.”

Amy and RLDatix plan to team up with the Condit graphics department again, “We will be using this booth next at HSPA (Healthcare Sterile Processing Association Annual Conference) in 2024.  We may modify the graphics to show other practitioner types other than physicians.”



Amy summarized the value provided by Condit, “The Condit team is amazing and really helped through the design process to ensure that we had all the components in the booth to make ASHRM a successful show.  From the start of the design creation process to the production of the booth, they kept me in the loop of progress and any issues.  We received a lot of positive feedback from customers and internal staff on the design and layout of the booth.”

Condit’s graphics department uses the latest software available, eco-friendly inks, environmentally friendly disposal techniques, and state-of-the-art printers. The in-house team is comprised of graphics designers, print professionals, and other technical experts by trade. They adhere to the very highest standards of print quality while focusing on efficiency and sustainability.

Pete explains, “Our processes and procedures have evolved considerably in my tenure. Our attention to detail, our quality materials, and the people we have in graphics set us apart. We are all skilled professionals in our specific roles in the graphics department, and we are here to provide great service and the best end-product possible.”


Collaborate with Condit’s Graphics Department On Your Next Tradeshow Exhibit

As you work with Condit to design, build, and utilize your exhibit, you can count on our in-house graphics team to uphold your brand guidelines and ensure the highest-quality print products for every colorful component of your booth. Whether you’re looking to leverage our extensive portfolio of healthcare exhibit builds or target a different industry or audience, our graphic designers are ready to bring your brand to life.

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