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Corporate Innovation Display for Gogo Business Aviation

Display Showcases Milestones in Inflight Business Connectivity Development & Innovation

Gogo Business Aviation, industry leader in inflight connectivity and entertainment solutions, collaborated with Condit to build their Innovation Corridor. The immersive hallway exhibit, located inside their Broomfield office, commemorates major milestones of innovation that Gogo has celebrated over their 30-year company history – with room to add future achievements.



Neal Roberts, Director of Brand & Creative, summarized the goal of the Innovation Corridor – to bring Gogo’s accomplishments to life.

“Our organization literally began with a sketch by our founder on a napkin from a Texas BBQ house. It continues through winning the first FCC auction to bring Internet to the sky and touches on our most recent launch of Gogo 5G. The Corridor illustrates how we changed the course of aviation experiences over these three decades, and we wanted to tell this incredible story.”

Roberts and his team also challenged Condit to provide future space planning by designating an area for the next decade of innovation in this area.

“We aren’t done innovating yet, and we wanted this to be an open-ended project, shown now with an arrow and an additional 30-feet of space, so that we can continue to add to the story.”



Condit partnered with Gogo Business Aviation’s internal creative team to design and execute a comprehensive environmental design plan that encompassed the past, present, and future of the Innovation Corridor.

“I’ve been a creative director for a long time, and it’s always interesting when in-house creatives outsource to external creatives. We were really happy with how the Condit team worked together with us. They didn’t just take our ideas and do what we told them. They challenged and surprised us; they created a synergy rather than a competition.”

Today, the Innovation Corridor is a pivotal component of Gogo’s office building tour.

“This is the first impression we make on visitors. We start in the lobby, move into the timeline, which then leads to the boardroom and then on to our manufacturing, testing and demo facilities. Our office building was pretty sterile, and we wanted to create touchpoints and moments throughout that would empower and impress. We are thrilled with how it came to life.”




Condit excels at partnering with businesses, institutions, and exhibition project teams, taking a collaborative approach to realize the collective vision that is an installation or a corporate display. We respect the experience and expertise of your staff and rely on it to guide us through the formulation of your exhibit concept and story.

For Roberts and his team, “The end product was similar to our vision but vastly better.”

Condit successfully supported Gogo Business Aviation in creating a thematic and experiential space to engage their visitors and highlight their past accomplishments as an organization without setting boundaries or limiting the future use of the space.

“Condit heard us. We wanted the opportunity to go forward, to progress, and they took that to heart.”


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