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Constructing a Corporate Office Timeline Display

Customize Your Office Interior & Highlight Your Brand History

A corporate timeline or corporate historical display can be an engaging way to showcase your company history, major milestones, and other pivotal events for your business. Condit’s expertise in corporate interiors and historical timelines will ensure your project artfully represents your brand history to clients, employees, and visitors. And with dependable service from design through installation, including prompt maintenance and repair as needed due to wear and tear, Condit provides a turnkey solution for your company.


Here are five considerations for your corporate timeline project:


1. What to include?

We recommend that clients highlight compelling and representative “moments in time” for your brand or business. This may include founding, new leadership, the securing of patents or other intellectual property rights, growth into new industries, and other advancements.

Incorporating objects, samples, and material components can help make your timeline more dynamic. Features like raised lettering and descriptive panels create interest and dimensionality beyond basic text and graphics.


2. Who is your audience?

It’s important to keep in mind your corporate timeline is not only for clients and visitors to learn more about your company, helping to build familiarity and rapport, but also a source of knowledge and pride for your team. A corporate timeline can help articulate and reinforce your company ethos and achievements for both internal and external audiences.


3. Where to place?

Consider how visitors and staff use the space where you envision your corporate timeline. Will it be in a meeting room, lobby, or other communal space? Perhaps inside a key leader’s office? Will it be a talking point within presentations or tours? Location is a key factor when considering your message. The amount of use and traffic of the location may also influence the types of materials and finishes chosen in order to maximize the durability of your long-term installation.


4. How to repurpose?

Corporate timeline details and imagery can be repurposed into other marketing collateral or vice versa. Whether on a printed brochure or a digital webpage, this information can be expertly utilized throughout your marketing program, showcasing your company’s story beyond the physical walls of your office.


5. When to add to it?

Your exhibit can evolve with your business. Just because your corporate timeline has been installed doesn’t mean it’s complete! New organizational happenings can be easily designed, built, and added as often as needed. Your timeline can also be relocated, in the event of a move, or duplicated, in the event of an additional facility. Condit can help you strategically  incorporate the latest and greatest accomplishments of your business and your team.


Ready To Create Impact In Your Office Design?

Thinking of building a timeline in your office, lobby, or other corporate space?  Condit can design, fabricate, and install the perfect commemorative components and collaborate with your internal marketing department on graphics, materials, and more. Contact us today.

In the meantime, read up on our successful corporate projects, including Root 9B’s operations center and a historical installation at the Colorado Golf Club.

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