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Outdoor Retailer Summer Market: Three Things to Know

Outdoor Retailer is the premier trade show and expo for the sporting and outdoor industry. Hosted in three parts – summer, winter and ski – it is also the largest gathering of its kind. Condit has been supporting brands and businesses at Outdoor Retailer since its first convention in 1982. Whether selling hiking gear, skiing equipment, adventure guides or sports nutrition, we’ve distilled three tips for you to take with you to the show or when designing your next Outdoor Retailer exhibit.

1. It’s non-traditional.

For every handful of professionally constructed trade show booths, there’s at least one that’s exuding more of a DIY vibe. Organizations attending Outdoor Retailer may opt for a more casual presentation for a number of reasons; for example, they might have a reduced marketing budget or want to source their own ultra-sustainable materials.

In any case, Outdoor Retailer Summer Market is one of the more relaxed trade shows, due in part not only to its exhibitors but also its very chill intended audience. Use of space, visual cues and in-booth experience different significantly from many other trade shows of similar size – whether homemade or professionally built.


large recycled shark sculpture

recycled plastic shark by 4ocean


2. Your competitors will be there.

If you make a product intended for outdoor use (think: camping, climbing, hiking, grilling, biking), your competitors will most likely be exhibiting too. As the premier sporting and outdoor trade show, Outdoor Retailer is not to be missed by any major industry players.

Our team is versed in working with the likes of Yeti Coolers, Smartwool, Camelbak, and more. We want to help you stand out and your brand to flourish uniquely no matter how many competitors you face.

Because several products may be similar, differentiating your exhibit from other brands and their offerings is critical. Take hats, for instance. Many of the hat brands at the trade show were using fairly basic mannequin head forms to showcase their line.


Alternatively, Flex Fit was one step ahead of their competition. With a creative concept, that of full-service ice cream parlor, Flex Fit stood out on the floor, increased booth foot traffic and improved brand memorability compared to the other head-wear vendors.



3. You need to let your product breathe.

Quality over quantity. Less is more. So on and so forth. This is a buyer show – retail buyers looking to stock inventory, end users looking to gear up for their next camping trip. With hundreds of booths, it’s easy for your potential client to get overwhelmed.

Keep your exhibit focused and allow your products to breathe by selecting a limited number to strategically highlight. Have the others ready in a lookbook or similar, but don’t try to include anything and everything your brand sells in this one spot.



Exhibiting at Outdoor Retailer

With nearly two dozen clients at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2019, Condit has the inside scoop 🍦🍨🍦 on creating a successful sporting exhibit. Contact us to learn more or start your Outdoor Retailer project today.


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