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Smartwool’s New Exhibit Design

Condit recently partnered with longtime client, Smartwool, to build a new tradeshow exhibit. Anne Smith, Smartwool’s Global Visual Merchandising Manager, reminded us that their relationship with Condit has lasted more than most marriages. With this year marking eight years together we decided it was time to spice things up! Smartwool underwent a brand refresh in 2015 which prompted a complete exhibit redesign.


The goal of this project didn’t begin and end with a beautiful booth highlighting Smartwool’s new brand identity, we would have to create a strategy to save the client time and money both in the short and long term.

The Smartwool team worked closely with Condit senior account executive, Laura Braafladt, and Design Director, Kevin Trainor, to make Smartwool’s new brand identity come alive. Anne notes that the look Smartwool was going for would showcase “noble, ‘mountain modern’ materials”.

We were under a strict timeframe and budget to get the booth ready for the 2016 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. To receive budget approval early on, Condit compiled a business case and comparative information that Smartwool could present to their financial department. For Anne and her team, “this additional service ultimately enabled us to get the project approved with the confidence to move forward.” To meet the deadline for the show, our fabrication department worked diligently through the busy holiday season to complete the build.

We also had to address long term cost and time saving goals. Smartwool’s prior exhibiting model, Anne explains, “required renting elements season over season, which turned out to be heavy on disposable.” This time around, we created a booth that Smartwool would own all of the componentry to, had no disposable graphics, utilized recycled elements from the old booth when cost effective, and had a flexible layout so the booth could be reconfigured for other regional trade shows.


The pressure of timeframe and budget for Smartwool’s new 50x50 exhibit could not have been met without extreme dedication and hard work from both teams. Smartwool took multiple trips to Denver to thoroughly dial in all design and set-up aspects of the booth prior to show-site install. This kind of collaboration turned out to be integral for the success of the build; Anne remarks, “like all relationships, the back and forth is constant and communication is key. Condit keeps us updated on all aspects of the project and does their absolute best to meet our needs.” Not only were both teams organized and prepared for the show, ultimately the booth met the needs for its exhibiting purpose as well. For Anne and her team, “our booth stood out in design concept, quality of materials and workmanship, and was something new and not copied.”


We believe the value established on a project transcends the physical result of the exhibit design and build. Value is added when we can provide a successful working experience for our clients. For Anne, “aside from providing excellent quality work, customer service, and 'sticking to their word', Condit also does their utmost to accommodate requests that are outside of their normal scope of practice in our relationship. After years of developing a long term relationship with Condit, they have worked hard to learn with us through all aspects of our projects. They believe in our company and brand and they show us proud!”

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