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Designing Interactivity & Museum Quality Into A Military Memorial Exhibit

Designing a Military Memorial Exhibit


Condit was honored to design an exhibit for veteran Donald G. Stratton, one of the survivors of USS Arizona, which sank during the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. The Navy gifted Don, 96, a large relic from the ship, and he donated the piece to the town of Colorado Springs, his home for many years. The relic served as a centerpiece for the exhibit, installed at the Colorado Springs airport.

“The interactive museum quality exhibit is a multi-panel display of images and digitized videos about the Dec. 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, the history of Stratton’s life, one of his uniforms and memorabilia, and interactive bios and photos of ‘all the gallant men’ who served on the USS ARIZONA. The exhibit also includes a 150-pound piece of the actual USS ARIZONA superstructure, presented as a gift to the citizens of the Pikes Peak region by the U.S. Navy.”

The educational exhibit tells the stories of all 1,512 men of the USS Arizona, provides historical background on World War II, and offers biographical insight about Don himself. It includes several customized graphics, preserved artifacts, and interactive, multi-media features that illustrate the heroic sacrifices of the USS Arizona crewmen.

The Navy also provided a vintage uniform, complete with awards and decorations, to represent Don’s WWII service. With several military bases in Colorado, including an Air Force base in Colorado Springs, many servicemen and women will be able to see and appreciate the exhibit for the next two years, before it is relocated to a public viewing facility.

“The Colorado Springs Airport was honored to host our hometown hero, Don Stratton and his wife, Velma, at the unveiling of the exhibit April 24, 2019 on the Airport’s concourse. The exhibit has been at the Airport for two years and we are grateful that his legacy was brought to the millions of individuals who traveled through COS,” said Greg Phillips, Director of Aviation for the Colorado Springs Airport.


Relocating The Exhibit


As of April 2021,  the Don Stratton USS ARIZONA exhibit has been relocated to Pikes Peak Library District where it is now on display for public viewing at East Library, 5550 N. Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. Read the full statement.

“I am thrilled the Don Stratton exhibit is now on display at PPLD East Library for the community to view and learn about the USS Arizona and America’s World War II history,” said El Paso County Board Chair Stan VanderWerf. “Don Stratton, one of only 334 from Arizona’s crew of 1511 who survived the Pearl Harbor attack, lived for a long time in El Paso County. We were blessed to have a witness to history and hometown hero living among us. I am grateful to the Colorado Springs Airport for previously hosting the exhibit and introducing Don Stratton and our USS ARIZONA exhibit to travelers from all around the world.”

Condit was proud to assist with the exhibit’s relocation along with partners: Pikes Peaks Heroes Legacy Committee, the Colorado Springs Airport, El Paso County, Pikes Peak Library District, Heritage Arsenal, and Winters Electric.


Don Stratton Pikes Peak Library

Don Stratton USS ARIZONA exhibit, now relocated to the Pikes Peak Library District


Honoring Veterans – Our History With Military Exhibits


Condit has designed and built several significant military exhibits and museum-quality installations that honor fallen heroes and tell the stories of active-duty servicemen and women. Whether permanent or traveling exhibitions, Condit can transform an idea into a reverent and informative display.

“I’ve worked with Condit as an exhibit lead for the past 15 months. Without Condit’s world-class team, their commitment, and depth of experience, we never could have pulled this project together. As it was, we were able to deliver a six-figure, multi-generational, multi-media exhibit that is the signature attraction at a municipal facility with over 1.8 million visitors per year. I wouldn’t even consider working with anyone else after this experience,” said Lieutenant Colonel William Linn II, VP and COO of Heritage Arsenal.

During May’s Military Appreciation Month and in anticipation of Memorial Day, Condit would like to recognize all the brave men and women who serve and have served our country, including Donald G. Stratton.


Custom Exhibits Designed to Commemorate


If you have a commemorative project you would like to discuss, look no further than the design and fabrication experts at Condit. Your project should last the test of time as well as tell a story as unique as those recognized. Our museum exhibit portfolio highlights just a handful examples from our past. Contact our museum design team or let us know the details of your military project today.

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