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Measuring KPIs At The VMworld (Now VMware Explore) Conference

VMworld 2022 is Now VMware Explore

VMworld (now VMware Explore) 2022 will be held from August 29th through September 1st, 2022, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.


Creating a Custom Technology Exhibit For VMware Explore

Condit partners with a wide range of tech clients, from startups to technology giants to craft their perfect VMworld (VMware Explore) exhibits. We pride ourselves on growing their businesses and helping our clients to achieve success.


Sample Technology Tradeshow Exhibits

We have decades of experience in building custom and rental exhibits for technology tradeshows. Below are several samples of tradeshow exhibits for past VMworld conferences and other technology events:


Common Key Performance Indicators at VMware Explore

To provide valid key performance indicators (KPIs) for VMware Explore, it is important to understand what your objectives are within your booth space, exhibit, or installation.


Some common objectives are:


  • Generate sales

This is typically measured by the amount of orders received on the show floor.


  • Develop prospects

This might manifest as new leads through business cards or digital contact sharing, for example. It could also mean the number of meetings booked prior, during, and after the show or the size of potential deals in the pipeline as a result of the event.


  • Grow brand awareness

Brand awareness might indicate the number of in-person or virtual booth visits as well as social media and website performance during and after the show.


High- and Low-Tech KPI Measurement Systems at VMworld

The options are nearly endless for measuring key performance indicators at tradeshows, conferences, and other events. With so many advancements in face-to-face marketing technology, we recommend a mixture of high- and low-tech options to optimize your KPI data.


High-Tech Ideas

Our clients have reported solid results with the following measurement tools:

  • Lead scanners for badges and other contact details
  • Flooring options to track and analyze traffic
  • Interactive social media activations
  • Augmented reality


Low-Tech Ideas

These options are tried-and-true classics and are less costly to both purchase implement:

  • Business card drop points for prize lotteries
  • Brand ambassadors who can provide manual reporting and traffic estimations
  • Expert panelists at event workshops and other breakaway sessions
  • Comment card opportunities for visitors and attendees


Creating Your VMware Explore WOW Factor

Successful event marketing starts with your exhibit! A wow-worthy visual is just one part of our expansive design process. Get started on your build today or contact us now to brainstorm the most logical KPIs (and ways to assess them) for your brand or business.

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