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Light it up in Las Vegas

Lighting up in Las Vegas has certain rules. I am not talking about smoke friendly hotel rooms. This is about what the lighting requirements are for one of the largest trade show venues in the world, The Las Vegas Convention Center.

You should always check your show requirements or any venue you will be exhibiting. This is a general overview for The Las Vegas Convention Center lighting requirements.

We’ve had clients call in a panic from the trade show floor saying the convention center will not allow them to use their lights and if Condit has rental lights available. The answer is yes we have rental lights available but let’s look at a few items to avoid having a panic on the show floor.

The following lights are restricted:

  • Light bulbs that exceed 75 watts
  • Fixtures that use a non-shielded halogen bulb
  • Use of a linear halogen bulb
  • Light bulbs that exceed the wattage listed on the fixture

Consider the following:

  • LED Lighting. Low wattage and look amazing.
  • MR16 halogen bulbs with a glass cover under 75 watts
  • Rope lights
  • Fluorescent lights – Fluorescent technology has come a long way

Check with us at Condit to review your tradeshow exhibit lighting prior to heading to Vegas or other venues.

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