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Exhibit Design For The ISSA 2024 Show

Condit: Your ISSA Exhibit Partner

The ISSA Show, hosted by the International Sanitary Supply Association, will be held November 18 – 21, 2024 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountain region, Condit is uniquely positioned to optimize every aspect of Las Vegas exhibiting for your cleaning brand or business with advanced shipping and logistics for domestic and international clients as well as comprehensive design, fabrication, show services, and on-site warehousing.


About the ISSA Show

“Created to deliver impactful solutions to the global cleaning and sanitation community, ISSA Show North America delivers this November. Your essential platform to find the latest products and innovations, access education to advance your career, and engage with peers and industry leaders on critical topics facing today’s cleaning professional. ISSA Show is designed to help you improve your career, better manage your organization, and learn about the latest cleaning technology.” – ISSA Show North America


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Exhibit Design
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ISSA Show exhibit design

We’ll work with your organization to create an exhibit design absolutely unique to your vision and event marketing goals. Our exhibit designers will collaborate directly with you and your team to thoroughly understand your ISSA Show objectives and your target event audience there. We will then translate those insights into an exhibit design that is compelling and effective.


exhibit fabrication & construction

Our in-house fabrication capabilities allow us to efficiently turn your tradeshow exhibit’s final digital renderings into a physical reality. Our expert manufacturing department employs cutting-edge techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and a variety of materials to perfectly craft each and every exhibit project that comes through our doors.


condit’s commitment to sustainability

The contemporary trade show industry is notorious for its excessive waste production. Conferences, expos, and events worldwide generate significant amounts of waste, including sample items, packaging, promotional materials, and marketing collateral. Single-use exhibit elements like carpeting and vinyl flooring further contribute to the commercial waste production. Additionally, hazardous materials, such as alkaline batteries and fluorescent light bulbs, pose further environmental risks.

Condit is dedicated to promoting sustainability in exhibit design, fabrication, material disposal, and on-site practices at our two locations. We implement various exhibit sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly business practices, including recycling programs, green material options, fuel-use reduction, and more, to minimize our environmental impact.


eco-conscious rental exhibits at the ISSA Show

And another option for enhancing the sustainability of your project is our expansive rental exhibit inventory and custom or kit-based exhibit designs. Our rental components are customizable for any company or event, and they are available to be repurposed, recycled, and reconfigured as needed.


project management & show services

Our project management ensures a seamless, turnkey experience for all of our clients at the ISSA Show. Our tradeshow professionals oversee every element of your exhibit, from generating initial ideas with our design department to shipping your finished exhibit plus its expert installation/dismantle before, during, and after the event.


exhibit storage and maintenance

After the ISSA Show, we’ll safely store your exhibits in our secure, temperature-controlled exhibit warehouse, complete any necessary booth repair and refurbishment with your approval, and provide thorough, transparent exhibit asset management through ExhibitForce.

Let’s Design and Build Your ISSA Show Exhibit

Condit has 80 years of experience developing tradeshow booths and experiential activations across all industries and an impressive portfolio of exhibit design examples to show for it!

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