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About IBIE

IBIE, The International Baking Industry Exposition, is a trade show for the grain-based food industry. Exhibitors showcase baking equipment, ingredients, packaging materials, and technologies. Attendees include bakers, pastry chefs, suppliers, and other industry professionals.

From the show organizer,

“The Western Hemisphere’s largest, most comprehensive baking event attracts a broad range of industry professionals from all over the world, presenting you with a big opportunity to generate leads, strengthen your brand, showcase your products and close deals. Tap into a marketplace of qualified buyers from every segment of the global grain-based industry—and connect with new business, increased sales and exponential growth. Make your plans to exhibit at the 2025 event in Las Vegas where you can grow your business in one cost-effective trip.”


Preparing for IBIE 2025

IBIE is held every three years. Last in 2023, IBIE 2025 will be hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center from September 14 through September 17.

We’re proud to be the leading exhibit partner in the Rocky Mountains. Condit is well-versed in the intricacies, rules, and regulations of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). With almost eight decades of experience, we are a reliable and trustworthy partner for your IBIE exhibit needs. Additionally, our extensive network connects us with the most reputable vendors and service providers in both the Las Vegas area and throughout the broader Mountain West region. Plus, our Las Vegas storage and warehousing facility is just a few miles from the venue, so the shipping and transport of your booth and other materials will be as simple and easy as possible!

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Exhibit Design

Crafting an IBIE booth design is a meticulous process aimed at creating a unique and impactful space that reflects your brand or business identity. From concept to execution, every element is tailored to capture attention, convey messaging, and engage visitors effectively. A well-designed tradeshow booth not only stands out in a crowded exhibition hall but also serves as a powerful marketing tool, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients and partners. By incorporating innovative layouts, striking visuals, and interactive elements, Condit’s booth designs have the potential to elevate a brand’s presence and contribute significantly to the success of a tradeshow appearance. Learn more about our fully custom exhibits, rental exhibits, and portable modular exhibits at IBIE.


Exhibit Construction

The fabrication of your IBIE booth involves the physical construction of the exhibit based on the approved design. Once the design is finalized, the fabrication process begins by selecting and sourcing the necessary materials. Skilled craftsmen then cut, shape, and assemble these materials to create the booth’s structural components. This often includes constructing frames, installing lighting fixtures, incorporating technology elements, and applying graphics.


Show Services & Project Management

Show services for your IBIE exhibit encompass a suite of crucial offerings aimed at facilitating a seamless exhibition experience. Condit’s Installation and Dismantling (I&D) services provide skilled labor for efficient booth setup and breakdown. Our account management team works to coordinate electrical and lighting services as well as shipping and material handling services to streamline the transportation of booth materials to and from the venue, with drayage facilitating the movement of items within the event space. Additional services for your specific project include Wi-Fi connectivity, booth cleaning, and security measures to safeguard exhibitor materials.


Exhibit Storage & Maintenance

After IBIE concludes, proper exhibit storage is essential to protect your booth components from damage and wear. This includes carefully packing and organizing materials for future use. Additionally, routine exhibit maintenance is crucial to address any wear and tear, refresh graphics or branding elements, and verify that technology features remain in optimal condition. Investing in temperature-controlled warehousing and post-event inspection not only preserve the quality of the booth but also facilitate a swift and efficient setup for future events.

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