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Historical Installation at 5151 Bannock

Commemorating Denver’s Industrial Past

Condit collaborated with the Conscience Bay Company to create a commemorative historical installation that explores the rich history of the 5151 Bannock industrial complex. With extensive installation and exhibit experience in a variety of industries, Condit was able to design, fabricate, and set up this expansive, multi-room story of our building and our neighboring facilities.

historic conference room

Conference Room

Installation Design Showcasing Growth

The exhibit, housed in the Conscience Bay administrative offices, traces the development of the site, from its initial construction in 1925 as a steam locomotive repair shop, through multiple changes in purpose over decades, to its current use as a manufacturing and distribution center. The history of the site is fascinating, and it is closely tied with the development and growth of Denver over the years.

Preserving and Utilizing Historical Resources

A rich treasure trove of documents, photos, and artifacts was provided for the historical installation by The Conscience Bay Company, while Condit’s Interpretive Services team provided exhibit design, architectural millwork design, and furniture design as well as graphic design, copywriting, management of assets, fabrication, and installation over the course of 5 months.

A History of Installation Expertise

With over 75 years in business, Condit offers creative services to bring your vision to life. We have a proven track record partnering with all sorts of museums, nature centers, corporate clients, and visitor centers to design exhibits and installations of any size whether they be temporary, long-term or traveling. We take a collaborative approach with clients to develop one-of-a-kind environments, produced for easy maintenance and durability.

We can take your project from concept to reality — crafting your story into three dimensions and combining display techniques with graphics to transform the way your guests approach and absorb your content. We know creativity must be coupled with workable, practical results, and we always strive to match a client’s project goals with their budgetary needs. There are no surprises for the client when the job is complete. We create and build exhibits and experiences that can be maintained with minimal outside assistance while achieving maximum client satisfaction and visitor appreciation.


Showcasing Your Own Historical Brand

Our experience spans a diverse range of institutions and subject matter- from science to history to art- and we thrive working within the Midwest and Mountain West regions. We value this depth of experience we’ve gained working with a wide variety of clients and it has prepared us to take on a project like yours! Contact us today!

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