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Four Tasty Tips for Your Next Food Booth

Improve Your Food Booth Design

With nearly 80 years of experience designing exhibits for the food and beverage industry, a huge portion of the Condit portfolio is clients in this sector. Below, we describe four ways to optimize the in-booth experience for your attendees and maximize your exhibit’s performance, including measures for comfort, safety, and return on investment!


  1. Utilize Exhibit Shelving

Product display is pivotal! Retailers and wholesale representatives at shows like the Natural Products Expo, Sweets & Snacks, and the Fancy Food Show want to be able to visualize how your items will look inside their environments and storefronts. Help them see your vision with ample product display that includes a clear line of sight, appropriate spacing, and extra lighting if needed.


  1. Build a Tradeshow Sampling Area

Everyone loves free samples! Make sure you have a dedicated counter or other fixture so attendees can taste your delicious food and beverage product(s).  And ensuring the sample area fits into your exhibit footprint and follows a logical wayfinding pattern within your booth is just one of the many services our expert collaborative designers can provide.


  1. Provide Ample Booth Seating

Keep it comfy! Let attendees imagine how they might enjoy your snacks, drinks, or other treats in a restaurant or at home. Seating areas encourage booth visitors to stop, rest, and truly experience your space, which allows for more observation and cultivation of interest in your brand and its messaging. This is also the spot where your sales team can engage and have meaningful conversations with buyers and prospects throughout the duration of the show.


  1. Offer In-Booth Sanitation

Food and beverage exhibitors must establish cleanliness protocols for sanitizing shared spaces, especially where food and drink are consumed. Waste disposal is another important consideration. Wipes, trash cans, and other cleaning materials should be packed and prepared. Condit provides turnkey services to make sure all the stringent healthy and safety guidelines, such as sinks, handwashing stations, sneezeguards, and ice pickup, are being followed by you and your team.


Hungry for your own food booth?

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